Sleep is perhaps the most important thing you need after food and water. Two days without sleep can wreck your mind and exhaust you. One way to get the maximum and the most undisturbed sleep is by correcting your lifestyle. But is that enough? You can surely improve your chances by picking up right kind of men and women nightwear to sleep in.

Another reason for buying a new pair of pyjamas, and the right pair at that, is if you find yourself sleeping in jogging bottoms and a T-shirt that doesn’t match with each other. This becomes an urgent reminder for pyjama shopping! In this world full of many cool designer pyjamas and women nightwear, it might be difficult to find the perfect pair. Luckily, we are here to help you out! Here are some things you need to look out for when choosing the right pyjamas for your nightwear:

1. Attuned to personality

The best part about pyjamas is that they come in many colours, patterns, and themes. So, what is your preference? A beach bunny, oceans, or simple patterns? Make sure that the pair you buy is pleasant and reminds you of happy things. It feels good to wear the pair that makes you smile and keeps you cheerful when you sleep. Additionally, you would feel more comfortable in an attire that speaks to you, of you. Personalising your choice always helps in closing in on the right set of pyjamas.

2. Comfort

Footie pyjamas are cosy and cover you from head to toe. However, many might not find it comfortable as it is like being wrapped in a blanket at all times. For such people, nightshirts are the best options. The pant length and the waist size should be perfect so that it doesn’t disturb sleep and allows for ample breathing space and movement.

3. Fabric

When it comes to the fabric of the pyjama, it depends a lot on the season you need it for. Among ladies night dress, options are aplenty since pyjamas come in many types and fabrics. As cotton is cosy, breathable, and easy to take care of, it is the perfect choice for summer, and fleece and flannel work best for winters as they’re snuggly and warm.

4. Purpose

It is not surprising to note that pyjamas are not just worn for nightwear, but have also become a fashion statement in today’s world, and we think it is a fabulous idea! So, how to wear your PJs has also become an important question at this point. You can have different pyjamas for sleeping at home and sleeping while travelling. Light packers may pick up a different kind of pyjamas, honeymooners may pack another type, and the regular ones may pick up another. Many nightgowns from brands like AfterDark can easily be accessorised with to create a look for a happening evening. These nightgowns look extremely dressy and can be worked upon to make for day outfit!

Hence, never underestimate the power of a genuinely good pyjama set; it can do wonders. Find the pair or set that speaks to you, let’s you rest well, and you are good to go! If confused, you can reach out to experts like AfterDark who can best suggest the sleepwear you need, basis your requirements.


Published by Sumity Paul