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Nothing is harder than dragging yourself out of a depressive state. As you may know, one of my favorites clichés to repeat is “when it rains it pours”. That’s how I feel like 2016 has been: pouring horrible things from the sky, one after another. Right when it looks like the sun is peaking out again, BOOM- another terrible thing falls on my head. Without going into too much detail about my personal life, it’s been affecting my eating, my sleeping, and my face (which is now decorated in splotches of acne that even the best quality makeup is having a difficult time hiding). Even though I’ve been somewhat keeping it together on the inside, my insides feel like a Walmart after opening up on Black Friday- full of utter chaos. Back in the old days when I was 12, I could listen to my Green Day albums and stare up at the ceiling for hours on end. These days, those calming angst-filled moments just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Even though I’m still working through some things (so we’re learning together, yay!) this is what has helped me so far.


Netflix and Chill (Out)

Literally. This is the time to catch up on an old TV show or dive into a new series! You’ll be so involved with the story line that you’ll actually forget about your own problems for a bit. My only suggestion with this is to not get into a show that relates to your life at the moment! If your relationship is suffering, you might not want to get into The Notebook or Fifty Shades of Grey. Also if you’re having health problems, House might not be the way to go. Looking back, I should’ve gotten into Narcos since I can’t really relate to being a Columbian drug lord, but I tend to like comedy so anything that can get me to laugh is golden.


Discover Your Passions

Even though I have deadlines on deadlines, my certificate program has been keeping me busy by helping me unleash my creative side. Also this blog gives me something to do every week, so that has been helping me get by. Even though more tasks and deadlines can also put more stress in your life, they can help you feel productive and valuable. Learning new skills not only helps me now, but it also helps me in the future.


Drive Somewhere for No Reason at All

I know this sounds crazy, but just drive somewhere to clear your head. Sometimes I’ll drive to the drive-thru Starbucks 15 minutes away from my house just to free my mind. It really helps me appreciate my surroundings, especially when it’s a beautiful day outside and great music is playing on the radio. Make sure you do this when it isn’t rush-hour. Trust me, that will put you in a much much worse mood.


Rekindle Fading Friendships

Daily tasks can take over and make us distant from some of our closest friends. I know between work, school, and my relationship, I’ve let some of my closest friendships fall by the wayside. Sometimes when you’re really feeling overwhelmed it’s okay to extend an olive branch and reach out to one of your old friends. You never know, they could be going through some things too, but were too afraid to make the initial step to reconnect.


Surround Yourself with Animals

Animals are awesome because they’re like tiny, furry, and cuter versions of humans that actually like hanging out with you. It might be because you’re the one that feeds them and looks after them, but since they can’t talk you’ll never actually know for sure. Whether it was chilling at home with one of my cats or watching hours of French bulldog videos on Instagram, animals helped me get through some pretty dark times lately. I know that sounds very sad out loud, but honestly it does wonders.


No matter how you’re feeling, please know that there are people out there that care about you and that there is a light (possibly a dim one), at the end of the tunnel. Try to counterbalance the crummy things in life with some positive things. Hopefully these tips will help you get by like they did for me!


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