I wasn't really sure how to start out on this blog. For my last blog (or other blog as I'm still writing that daily) I had dozens of ideas to write about that I had been thinking about for ages. My first post was a riff on Google's founder's letter that set out my goals for the next year and beyond, the ones that followed were ideas that I had thought I liked but turned out to be carbon copies of videos and teachers I loved like Tai Lopez and Dave Asprey (I've fallen out of love with them now), then people found out about my blog and well people aren't really happy when you do things that disrupt the norm so I got roasted for that but in all honestly it helped me. I wasn't really being myself but put on some strange guise that I decided I liked.

I celebrated my one year blog anniversary a few weeks ago and I'd like to say I've changed. When I started this I was 15, awkward and gangly. I couldn't really talk in social circles, I was pretty dumb and pretty much useless. Now I'd say I've improved a lot. I started exercising and whilst I'm not exactly a goliath I'm pretty strong, I scored pretty highly in my exams winning 4 academic prizes last year, I'm a lot happier with my life as a whole and frankly everything just seems to be working for me right now. I'm not going to say that blogging changed my life but it was certainly a tool that helped me catalyse this change. 

I've been putting this post off for days, I wanted a perfect post that would astound and surprise and instantly garner me a stupid amount of followers but I realised that I had forgotten what got me here, just writing about what I liked to talk about and not expecting miracles. 

So here's my promise to you, the readers of this blog. I promise that I'll post at least weekly on this blog. I promise that I will try to be as true to myself as possible and not just beg for your views and likes. I promise that I'll try to be at least a little entertaining and that you get a few laughs from some random kid on the internet. And maybe, just maybe I might inspire some other people to start working proactively on their lives.

Because I'm lazy I'll just link a couple of posts I've written that I've quite liked that hopefully hook you in. 

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