The land that seems like it has endless sand, covered in its orange cloak. At night, you will see the stars as bright as they never were and even get to see the Milky Way illuminating the sky. So yes, you’re probably smitten by whatever you know about the Sahara desert in Morocco and planning to go on a trip there. I mean, who wouldn’t want to? This is a guide that will help you to prepare for you trip and let you know whatever you want to know.


Ideal time to visit?

The Saharan desert can get either too cold or too hot. So it is best to go on late February where the temperature’s a mixture of both and is comfortable.


First thing’s first: what do you pack?

Keeping in mind Morocco’s hot and windy climate, it is wise to pack loose clothes only. Shorts are wise to pack as long as they cover the knee. So yes, it’s best to not wear anything too provocative as it may be disrespectful to the locals. And of course,an Arabic to English dictionary will be a good investment before going to the trip.


How to get there?

The easiest way to get to the desert is to fly to Ourazazate first and then take a road trip from there to Merzouga as no other means of transportation are available in this area.


What to Visit?

The dunes are the biggest attractions in the desert and there are two of them: Erg Chebi and Erg Chigaga.  Erg Chebbi is the more accessible of the two. The dunes are easy, and the area is filled with more guides. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may choose Erg Chicaga instead for its larger dunes but be careful of its inaccessibility especially because of its need for using off the road vehicles.


Where to stay?

You may decide to camp there and stay in a traditional “Bedouin Tent” for a truly off the hook experience or may also decide to stay at motels in both places.


It is wise to at least have 3 days in hand to take in the beauty of the Sahara desert. Even 3 days may be exhausting but at least this much of time is required to properly greet this beautiful part of Morocco, make memories and be able to tell stories about the adventures of the trip back home. Now that you’re well equipped with all that you need to know about the morocco desert tour, have a safe trip!

Published by ahmed shifat