They say money solves all the problem, but what they dont know is that spending that money wisely is not easy and same goes when planning for a trip flushed with all luxuries possible. While a luxurious trip is definite to sound luring but planning it ahead of time is an exhaustive task. And when the destination is the party land Goa, it gets even more difficult to choose between hundreds if not thousands of places to visit at one moment while trying to book a resort in goa and that too the best one at another moment. The smallest state of India packs a lot of stuff from exotic sea food to enjoy to royal casinos to amazing sea cruise, all you need to do is to follow the following tips which will help you to plan a luxurious trip to goa which will leave you with amazing travel stories to share with others.

First, let’s set aside some must To-do’s

Well, I know budget is not the problem in this article but some essentials are mandatory to follow and lets quickly discuss them. First of all, Try and avoid late December just in order to avoid crowd. In my opinion, November and February are the best times to visit this beautiful state. If history and architecture is not your cup of tea, then old Goa and its Portuguese influence can be enjoyed in a matter of 3-4 hours. It is no doubt that beaches like Baga, Calangute and Candoline houses some nice restaurants serving exotic sea foods but apart from this, try to avoid these beaches just because they are almost always full of tourists and you will not get the chill experience youve come for.

Now, since, essentials have been discussed lets focus our discussion more towards the luxuries and comforts.

Booking a Resort

Most of the nice options of resorts are available in its southern part and finding a 5-star or a 7-star resort is not that difficult because most of the time, the price tag defines it all but it takes a deeper insight to select the best from the top picks. Exotic Spas for self-pampering, private beach to enjoy it all, in-house casino, Restaurants serving exotic multi cuisine foods are some check list items to look for when you book resort in goa.

Located just 20 min away from Dabolim International airport on Gonsua Beach, Alila diwa is one of our top picks for a 5-star resort. With rooms having a private Terrace or a balcony with scenic views and a dedicated concierge team which will bring you some bespoke destinations to encounter the endless beauty of goa according to your interest, this resort will definitely provide you with all the luxury services and comforts.

Next up in our list of top resort is the Park hyatt resorts and spa which is popular for some of the best Spas in India. All the rooms are equipped with the spa inspired bathing experience.


Rent a Car

When you are out on a grand trip where you opt for every best thing from resorts to casino and to food, getting around should also be as much of a pleasure as the rest of the trip. There are hundreds of agencies which provides bikes and cars on rent for your trip but why go for a scooter when a budget for renting a premium sedan is no problem. Also, dont get on the point to choose between North goa or South goa. With your rented vehicle and a 10-day stay, you can easily cover both these parts of goa and not miss out on anything.

Private Cruise

Setting itself aside from a lot of banal activities in Goa, Cruising experience is truly unmissable. Cruising away in the state of the art luxury yachts while enjoying the sunbathe on board is an inseparable part of a grand trip to goa. You can easily rent a private yacht for you and your loved one and spend a beautiful romantic dinner in the middle of the sea or you can go all in and rent a grand yacht for your friends and enjoy a great grand party on board. Either way you will only capture some good memories.

Royal Casinos

A grand night at goa is not complete without gambling at a casino. Each casino in goa has their own specialty. If playing games like Black jack, Rummy, Stud poker, Flash Roulette and Baccarat with chilled beverage and raging music is your definition of an ideal grand night then a casino night is a must in goa. Introduced mainly due to large influx of foreign visitors, casino culture has become more popular lately. While most of the casinos are fairly crowded, you can be better-off if you book a resort in goa which houses a private casino.

With the objective to help you in planning your luxury trip to goa, these were our top tips which will definitely provide you a grand experience. So, keep these tips in mind and plan your grand trip wisely in our order to acquire most beautiful memories for your lifetime


Published by Sumity Paul