Thinking of planning a party but not sure how to go about it? What’s more you want to make sure that it’s the talk of all your peers for the weeks to come, just one problem…You’ve never begun to think about the intricate details that planning a soiree entails! Luckily One Stop Parties have compiled a few points to consider when planning the best party imaginable.

How many Guests and Where’s the Venue?

Depending on how many guests you want to accommodate, this should shed some light on  where to hold the festivities.
If you’re only having a small gathering, why not hold it at yours or a friends house? Should they be agreeable to it, that way it’s a tad more intimate plus you’ll save the cost of hiring a function room or suite.
Or perhaps you’re looking for something a tad more extravagant such as going to your favourite restaurant, bowling alley or even hiring out the function room of a bar, in any case – you should make sure that you have made reservations weeks or months in advance in order to not miss out on your ideal party destination on the ideal date!

What’s the theme?

What occasion is the party for; Is it a birthday? Anniversary? Or perhaps you’re just fixing to dress up in sixties era clothing?!

Whatever the party is for, make sure to make it’s manageable for all the guests to match the theme of the party, you don’t want anyone to feel left out because they couldn’t afford a permed wig and some sunglasses.

Also whatever the themed party may be make sure you garnish your chosen venue with relevant party supplies to really help set your desired aesthetic, setting the scene is essential to theme parties. Or if you’d rather not have a theme, that’s fine too so long as you have fun!

The Food & Drink

What are you going to serve?!  Whilst you’re thinking about what foods suit what palates, make sure you ask for any allergen information or if there’s a vegan hiding among the bunch! The last thing you want to do is upset someone’s sensibilities by offering them a cocktail sausage now would you?

If you’re stuck about what to serve, you can always bring in the help of a professional caterer.

Published by scott jack