Planning a trip to Australia is not easy as it seems because of the huge size of the country that can’t be covered in a few days. The vast land, vibrant cities, hundreds of attractions to see and so many things to do in Australia that’s why travelers overwhelm by the choices. So it might take you some months to finalize an itinerary.

Plan Ahead

Because of the size of the country and the cost involved, it is significant to start planning in advance everything so you can find different ways to save money along the way. Spend time in choosing the route and decide which cities and places you’re interested to explore and enjoy. It is important to narrow down choices keeping in mind your family interests otherwise there are so many things to explore in Sydney and Melbourne and you’ll need three to four weeks just for exploring such big cities.

Set A Realistic Budget

Australia is expensive so it is better to prepare a realistic budget for your trip. From flights to food, accommodation and currency conversions, everything is costly so it is good to search and then set a budget accordingly. Start planning as soon as possible and do some homework to know what average rates for all the things, check out taxes and where you can find the best exchange rate while exchanging currencies. Browse the internet and determine the pricing in Australia then make a plan for spending travel budget.

Save Where You Can

Knowing the best ways to save money during travelling is the most important task especially when you’re travelling to such an expensive country like Australia. So, whether it is flight, transport, hotel, food, currency exchange, entertainment or anything else, be smart and save money wherever you can.

  • Currency exchange; knowing the tips and tricks to get the best exchange rate in a foreign country is a great way to save a lot of dollars. It is always a better option to buy currency online to avoid high exchange rate and commission fees at airport exchanges. Search the best company or money changer who is offering best currency exchange in Melbourne then consider ordering currency online.
  • Accommodation: hotels are expensive in the main city areas and it will be a surprise for travelers that hotels in Australia also charge extra for kids or extra people. Using the hotels booking secrets and tricks is a great way to get best possible deal on your stay. Booking directly with a hotel, asking for a price match, signing up for hotel’s loyalty schemes and using coupon codes are the best tips to get the lowest rate.

Flights:  Flights are expensive because of large distances soothe best money saving option is to use your travel card reward points to get cheap or free flights and hotel stays. If you’ve a good credit score and more diligent about paying credit card bill every month then you can earn maximum points and so more chances to get free flights and accommodation for your next trip.

Published by M Yousuf