"Looks ordinary to me." "No, I find you straightforwardly real and intoxicating." I woke up to a grey pair of clouds outside my window, that seemed to embrace the playful side of me. Picturing a no-work day I preferred reading silently to myself sheltering under the pit of my bed and warm lilac sheets. Savoring the idea further I quickly grabbed a tiny book that came without a dressing, dog-eared and oil-spilled pages and planted myself on the bed, upright, resting my back on the pillow enjoying a cup of coffee. Going beyond a few pages I stopped, perplexed. (In the book): "Suzie stopped by the store nearby to grab a pack of cigarette at quarter-past nine, off an exhausting fight with her older husband and drenched from the pouring outside, walked straight at the last guy in the counter seemingly in his twenties, wrapping up. Wet and water dripping from her body she threw herself before the guy and demanded the item. He shoved away the demand without looking up at the visitor but upon her constant crying he turned up and couldn't believe the sight before him. Tiny droplets adorned her smoky complexion, one could make out little details through her white linen shirt, her lips perched open an inch. He passed her a box of cigarette not taking his eyes off her. She pulled in towards the counter and positioned herself asking for a lighter, resting her elbows on the board. Lighting her cigar he looked past it and stared through the tiny opening of her shirt. The act didn't go unnoticed, Suzie gleefully straightened herself and kissed him hard and bam!he jumped upon the counter, undressed her. ... .." I slammed the book hard and dialled my boyfriend for a surprise. The book was surreal and witty and so arousing. I couldn't feel more challenging, I don't recall what it did to me but it'd mystically and immensely satisfy my senses. And I remember saying to my boyfriend in my black skater-skirt and a matching bra : "Let's play a game of pleasures where normal rules doesn't apply"

Published by Aisu Minam.