Most people preserve cow's meat by simply freezing it; this is definitely a good way to preserve meat, but is it the only way?

Of course, there are many ways to preserve meat that most people do not know since most people have a fridge though there was a time when people did not have the convenience of a fridge.

Ways to Preserve Cow's Meat

Consider the following ways to maintain the delicious meat you can get from places like so that it does not go to waste:

Can It

Ever wondered how people can meat? Well, you do it by heating up water and trapping the steam until you reach a temperature of 240 degrees or higher. This kind of temperature eliminates the bad stuff that could be in meat, and then you can it. Of course, you will need pressure canners to do this, but you'll end up with meat that could last up to three years.

Cure It

Curing is something most people are intimidated by, but the reality is it is pretty easy, and it has been done for ages. All you have to do is prepare the meat by first trimming the fat, and then rub the cow's meat with salt and your favorite spices.

Every bit of the meat has to be covered with this salt and spice mix. You'll want to keep that meat in a cool place for about a week before rinsing it off with water. Tightly wrap your meat with a cheesecloth, and store it in a cool but dry place for two to three months and enjoy.

Dry It

Another interesting and ancient way of preserving meat is to dehydrate, and you can do that in a few ways. Two traditional ways are also a little intimidating simply because you have to leave your meat out in the elements.

One uses a solar dehydrator though some of these come with a mesh cover to keep bugs out. The other method involves hanging your meat somewhere where the sun will hit it all day.

You can also simply use an electric dehydrator to dry your meat, which is faster, and you can do that indoors. Keep in mind the meat needs to be cut pretty thin, and all or most of the fat has to be cut off.

Smoking It

Meat lovers have probably smoked meat once or twice if not more times in their lives. Granted, most people who smoke their meat are not really doing it because they want to preserve but because they want to eat it smoked, which gives meat an amazing taste, so you could imagine what it might do for cow's meat.

This preservation method was used in places where the sun does not shine too much or where the humidity levels are too high. To smoke your meat, you'll have to soak a lot of wood chips for a day and have a smoker where you'll place those wood chips. The meat goes on on a rack over the smoke. Keep adding wood chips to produce more smoke until the meat is completely cooked.

Lard It

Another old school way to preserve your meat is to place it in lard. Of course, you are going to need a lot of rendered lard, a clean container, and a cool, dry place where you can place this container.

Lard works because it traps your meat in an airless environment, which stops bacteria from growing. This is a very ancient way of preserving meat but a very effective one that is not too hard. Be sure to get lard from a place you trust that offers clean lard and not filled with questionable ingredients.

These are just some ways you can preserve meat. They all have their advantages, and they are all fun to experiment with if you have the time and are curious enough. Keep in mind these methods of preserving meat are also great to learn simply because you can use it if you are ever in a situation without electricity of if you want to impress others when you go camping.      


Published by Johanne Cosihan