The fact that bees play a vital role in the production of honey is undeniable. That is why we will show you how to raise bees to produce honey.

As we mentioned, bees play a fundamental role in the balance of nature; and in these times it is alarming that many species of bees are decreasing their production. However, you can do something, and in addition, you can benefit from it. In this way, you can learn how to raise bees to produce honey.

Techniques to know how to raise bees to produce honey

To know how to raise bees to produce honey you will need the following:

Beehive tools, Hat and veil In addition to this, you must also wear apiarist's clothing, which consists of a special suit that covers the entire body; in this way, you will be completely protected from the bites. You will also need gloves. Leather canvas; It can also be covered with plastic. Smoke generator etc.

It is important that you keep in mind everything that we will show you next. This is because if you do not apply the proper techniques and do not monitor the hives, these could be overpopulated; thus causing a series of events that would lead to their abandonment by bees, such as lack of food as well as pests and diseases.

Therefore, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the bees. It is important that you know its characteristics, as well as know which are its predators, such as mites, wasps, and hornets; in addition, there are others like mice or ants, and other nocturnal animals. Knowing this will help you protect the colony.

It is also vital that you know the life cycle of bees. For example, at the end of winter it is the moment when the queen begins to lay eggs to repopulate the colony; and in the spring the bees begin to produce the nectar; but at the end of the summer, it is when the population decreases and also the production of honey decreases. If you consider these variables in the life cycle of bees, you will have a healthy hive.

How to get a hive

Because bees live in tree holes and other similar places, you can make your own hive. Although you can also buy the best beehives already designed to mimic what bees create in their wild state. On the other hand, as we mentioned above, you can also make your own hive. But for the hive to function and be successful, it is best to install it in a green place; that is, that is surrounded by flowers and plants that can pollinate.

Also, as we already mentioned, it is important that you try to install the hive in a safe place; Take security measures to avoid predators. In this way, bees can work without taking any risk.

On the other hand, when collecting honey, or supervising hives, it is important to use protective equipment in order to avoid bites. At first, the bees will be on the defensive, so it is necessary to use this equipment. But with the passage of time, the bees will get used to it, so much so that the only thing that will need to be used is the hat and the veil. However, in your case, it is important to use all the attire to avoid accidents.

How to feed bees

Something important is the feeding of bees. As you well know, these produce honey, and from there their food starts. However, it is important that you know that the larvae should be fed royal jelly, whose production is done by the nurse worker bees. But there is a special group of these larvae that are the queen bees. These should be constantly fed with royal jelly because they are larger and need to be reproduced.

It is important that you know that bees cannot be without their queen. So you can control the bee population, creating the queen bees yourself, separating them from the colony to create a new colony. In this way, you can control the population of bees.

Now, you have two options to acquire a colony. Buy it directly from a supplier. On the other hand, you can capture a swarm. Of course, you must be very careful. You can do it by using a basket, and very carefully, move the swarm to the colony that you have created.

On the other hand, at the time of taking the frames of the hives, or drawers, you must use a special equipment for it, such as the smoke generator to calm the bees; in addition to the feeders to help them provide themselves with food when the summer ends. In this way, you can learn how to raise bees to produce honey.

Published by Taslima Akter