How do you read so much? How do you find the time? Today I am here to give you my advice on how to read more!

Pick a time to read

Decide a certain time everyday where you read, preferable at least an hour. It can be right before work/school in the morning or just before bed in the evening. I personally read 1-2 hours right before I go to sleep every night. Reading at a certain time helps you get into the reading rhythm and after a while you will discover that it feels weird not reading at that time in your day.

Bring a book everywhere

You never know, when you might find the time to read, so bring one with you everywhere! Maybe the bus is late and you have 10 min of waiting time - take out your book and read! Even if you only have time to read 5 pages, it will add up in the end.

Music while reading

If I am out in the public I often find myself getting distracted by a lot of other things and I will have trouble focusing on a book. Here I find music to come in handy! I can’t read while listening to music with lyrics, that confuses me too much, but I really like listening to songs like Hedwig’s Theme.

Take advantage of all the formats

There are many different ways to get access to a book and my advice is to use them all! There are the ebook, physical book and audiobook to chose from. I prefer to read a physical book, so that is what I mostly do, but if I am going out and don’t have room for my book I find an ebook on my phone to read instead. And when I am at work or am biking/taking the bus I listen to an audiobook. Find out which formats works best for you and use them.

Read a book you enjoy

This is might seem like an obvious one, but it is so important. If you are reading a book, that you are not enjoying put it down and pick up a new one! You won't feel motivated to read if you not like the book. I am the worst at following this advice, if I have started a book I am finishing it - I need to work on that.

If you don’t know which book to read I have three articles about that exact subject, introducing you to the genres fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction.


That was all my advice on how to read more! 

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