Sometimes, it can be easy to push reading  to the side whether this be in the summer holidays as you have other hobbies you want to do or during the school year when you're overloaded with work, so, I want to share some tips to make sure you keep up the reading and/or possibly read more!

  1. Set yourself the task of reading each day

Write down in a planner or on your to-do list a set amount of time you must read for each day. I would personally set about 10-30 minutes each day as it's enough to get a little bit of reading done but not too high that I'm going to get distracted about other tasks I have to do and worrying that I'm not going to be able to complete them all.

2.  Add reading into your daily routine

This could link to setting yourself the task of reading each day or you could make it complete separate. I think the most common time people have reading in their routines is before they go to sleep. This is good as you can reading as much or as little before you go to sleep however, it can cause problems, e.g. spending too long reading or finishing a book before you aim to go to sleep and then not being able to sleep (both of which I am guilty of).

Before bed is common but there are so many other times you could fit this in - while you eat breakfast, while you wait for a bus, as soon as you get home from school/work. It really depends on you and how your routine already goes.

3. Read little and often

While being able to sit down for a solid hour is a great way to read, if you don't have time for that, reading little and often is key. Unfortunately, this does mean you won't be able to get as invested in the book before you have to put it down again but by doing this throughout the day, lets say six times you read for ten minutes, you will be able to make up for an hour. Sometimes we have little pockets of free time in between tasks but may feel like we don't have a full on solid hour.

4. Read shorter books

If you are wanting to read more books, shorter books will mean you finish them quicker and will therefore be able to read more of them. If you don't have much time and you're reading a huge book, it may feel like it is taking forever to finish.

5. Don't stress about not reading

Sometimes, after a long hard day at work/school, all you want to do is to curl up into a ball on the sofa and watch TV instead of read. Don't stress about the fact you could be reading at that moment in time. Reading is an activity you shouldn't have to force upon yourself if you're simply not in the mood. Instead, accept the fact you do not feel like reading and do not feel guilty about it. Although this basically contradicts what I've said as I said in my first point to make it a task, and my second point, to make it routine, you have also got to think of how you are feeling. Reading is an activity that does require mental use and so don't force it if you are feeling tired. After all, it's better to actually enjoy the book than making it something you'd rather not be doing at that time!

Published by Lucy Channing