For some reason, it seems like there is manchild epidemic taking over our world. As a mystic, I’ve come to conclude the real menace goes by the name Betaboy Demon. I’ve been tasked to warn unsuspecting young women before it’s too late. If you are already in love with a Manchild possessed by this demon, I may be able to help you. Read on.

What is a Betaboy Demon?

First, it’s not just one entity, it’s an entire family of demons. Each culture has their own. However, there are similarities that are cross-cultural.  Since some of you have heard of the term manchild before, let’s start there.

This entity is similar, but goes one step further. A Betaboy is a spiritual demon (family) that embodies a manchild to the point where the light within him is so obscured, he no longer sees it within himself.  

The only spiritual remedy for this dis-ease is an often-painful process called self-exorcism. External exorcism often do not work.  And since very few will take this challenge upon their own self.  Change is unlikely and at the best slow.

How to identify those possessed with Betaboy?

1.       He will want you or the woman in his life to manage his checkbook, assuming he has one. Come to think of it, he wants help managing all his day to day affairs. He is over 20.

2.       He still lives with his mom (dead or alive, think Bates Hotel).  You may hear her voice coming through him every now and then. “Norman, Norman, this is your mother.” 

3.       He consistently calls you, his girlfriend, or wife mother or Ma, or big Mama. Anything that places her in the role of his mother, even for just a moment.

4.       Betaboy demons live in water. So they are extremely fluid. All decisions are emotional decisions. He consistently makes important life decision based on how they “feel” to him, instead of having a plan and taking action.  In spiritual terms, emotions are energies in motion - spiral energies or spirits that come and go. They are not good judges to employ in our inner court system or inner decision making system. Feelings will have us throw out our own rule books (values) and change our minds constantly.

5.       Betaboys are hermaphrodites and make excellent girlfriends. You will vibe like sister-friends. He listens to everything you have to say. He will make the need for sisterhood absolete. You may accidently find yourself calling him “Gurl” in conversations by mistake. That’s the Betaboy entity you are talking to.

6.       He gives his authority away to anyone who will make his life easier including his grocer down the street. Or that strange dude without work, he brings around to give advice on work. Yet he detests those in authority in fields that might actually give him correct advice. That inner conflict is the fight between his Soul and Betaboy.

7.       He whines like a girl, about everything he feels he “HAS” to do.  Ok, some of you will take offense about his statement, but I don’t care. Whining is a young girls job, it’s in the books of coming forth by day or the modern book of the dead written in 22BC by me.  Look it up.

8.       He lacks basal aptitude on how to care for himself or a family in today's world. Instead he focuses on what’s outside the scope of his reality, like video games, world affairs when he can't drive across town, and other forms of escapism like starring at a blank wall for hours. 

9.       He complains constantly about his job with no real active long term plan to move into something else. He keeps his plans secret, because he has none. But he doesn’t want you to know. Betaboys can also be dangerous when confronted, keep pretending you don’t know until you can make your escape.

10.   He avoids decision making in hopes choices in life will eventually just go away. He is often very religious but doesn’t follow the tenets of his religion. It’s a crutch, so unsuspecting women will think he is a man of God, he is. Betaboy is the one god he worships, feeds, and falls on his knees and "prey" to subconsciously.

11.   He never seems to have money. He takes you out, but forgets his card or money. He doesn’t seem to know  that he cannot carry his own weight financially and never has been able to. Advice to you. Never mention, you are taking on a bigger load, he will likely tell you that you are selfish for keeping count and resent you for reminding him of his inadequacies. By the way, Betaboy has no 3rd eye, self-awareness is poison to this demon. He hates daylight or the Sun. He prefers to reflect the reflected light of the moon.

12.   He is constantly tired and must lay down. On his days off, he will sleep until about 3 or 4 PM and starts his day around 6, just in time for the evening news.  This is the “go to” solution to any problem or life challenge, sleep and focus on what he cannot control. Betaboy carries on his back a huge sloth demon that must rest often to avoid breaking Betaboy’s back. On close observation, you may notice someone possessed by this demon moves in stop and go motions. Often confused. It's the sloth pulling on his neck and restricted blood flow to the brain.

13.   He takes no responsibility for anything and blames everyone for everything that goes wrong in his life. Watch out for this one, Betaboy’s main power rests in his ability to cause you to take responsibility for those things that are not yours. So, he gravitates and attracts the overly responsible type. By the way, you summoned him. You called him forth. The universe is mental remember.

This brings me to solutions.  Short of exorcism which I do not recommend, the solution lie within you not outside of you. I repeat, you cannot perform exorcism on your friend or your mate. No sensible priest or priestess will take this on for you either. It's just not cool. Not cool at all.  

If you love someone possessed by a Betaboy demon, your first step is to get the idea of changing your friend or mate out of your head.  If he does change, it won’t be because of you. It’s impossible for a boy to become a man without his own higher self at the helm.  No one can give that to anyone, man or woman.

My advice to you is learn from this experience and heal yourself. This is why you summoned him in the first place – for your own healing.    

1.       Understand you attracted this demon child because you too are possessed with an attractive force called Alphamale Syndrome – Unlike a demon, this requires psychological surgery to remove fears, insecurities and controlling implants you received the first 7-14 years of your life. Some of you do have a Betawoman Demon too, but that’s for another post.

2.       It will take time, but you must review your own life patterns for the root causes for your desire to parent a manchild.

3.       Understand your syndrome is simply a sign of a larger societal conditioning, so it will take multi-layered efforts to change course. But you can do it. This will build patience and ultimately wisdom in you.

4.       Simultaneously take steps to align with your sacred feminine. Betaboys are less attracted to a real sacred feminine wombman. She’s neither attracted to nor will put up with his (fill in the blank).


Quick Tips: What not to do?

1.       Sage him whenever he is around you

2.       Slip Psalm 53 in his favorite coat jacket

3.       Put holy water in his aftershave

4.       Contact me for a powder you can blow on his face. Sorry, he is already a zombie

5.       Read this long article and do nothing

Betaboy Demon™ is a fictional character in my second spiritual novella (2018). The first in the series is Sheya's Quest, a spiritual novella about our inner journey.

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