This is one of the scariest nightmares of today’s time. Imagine having valuable data on your computer and what if one day, it just vanishes?

Data could be anything – your business secrets, account information, your work and details of your finances.

How Does Data Get Deleted from Your Computer?

There are numerous ways through which your data may get corrupted or deleted. You may accidentally press the ‘delete’ button on a keyboard or it is a result of a possible hardware failure.

Sometimes your system crashes due to poor formatting. Also, if you don’t have a good antivirus, some viruses and worms may attack your data, resulting in deletion.


How Can You Recover Data?

Holistically speaking, computers are basically 0’s and 1’s. Technically, nothing can be deleted from a computer. No matter, whether you shift delete or format your drive, it will still be present in some form on your computer. You can either go for data recovery software or consult a data firm, which specializes in extracting data from your drives.

Data firms charge around 300 dollars – 3000 dollars, depending upon your data. If you search the internet, you will find many data recovery software, which is both ‘free’ and ‘premium’ in nature.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

The software has been made to recover files which have been accidentally deleted from your computer. It supports to versions, Microsoft Windows and IOS.


The software is extremely easy to use. After downloading the software, you need to open the software. Scan your device and VIOLA – the files have been recovered.

Types of Data Recovery

File deletion is not restricted to only computers. More often, you format your memory cards, USBs, pen drives and smart cameras.

The coolest thing about ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’ is that it is one tool for multiple jobs. Just open the software and the helpful interface will automatically guide you towards the process. Whether it be any platform, one simple scan can bring out all your lost data.

Does ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’ Charge Money?

The software ‘EaseUS data recovery wizard’ is free to download. It comes with three basic versions i.e. free plan – premium plan and premium + windows preinstalled environment.

For general use, you can opt for free version but there is a catch. You can only recover 2GB of total lost data.

With premium and premium+ plans, you are charged a negligible fee and awarded a standard license. You then, get free upgrades till forever.

Sometimes you want to recover data but the problem is that system fails to startup. For such problem, it is best to opt for premium + WinPE version.

Language Support

‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’ is a multi-language platform. It is available in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Korean and Brazilian language.

What Type of Data Can You Recover?

Virtually anything – you can recover documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos, emails and video games – anything on your computer.


Published by Zachary McGavin