Ever since you moved into your home, you’ve been using your garage for more than just parking your vehicles. This is where you keep all of your unused tools. If you’ve got broken furniture, you store all of these in your garage. Your garage is also your work area. And while everything else in your garage is still functional, you can’t deny the fact that this area looks old and boring. Your garage is still very useful for you, but this is one place in your house which you’ll never show to your friends. This is why you’re determined to renovate your old garage to make it look good.

Your garage is an investment. As a homeowner, you should make sure that it’s not only functioning but aesthetically pleasing as well. You don’t want the money you’ve spent on your garage to be wasted, right? To help you renovate your old garage to make it look good, you can make use of the following tips:


1. Remove the junk in your garage: You might be one of those people who dump everything in the garage. You might have your old sports equipment, boxes used when first moved in and lawn care tools there. To start off your renovation project, you should first remove the junk in your garage – seeing all of this in one place can become an eyesore, right?

  • If you’re better off working alone, free up one weekend and clean your garage. If you’re okay with working with other people, ask family members to help you out. Regardless of what option you’re going to take, you should stick with the goal of removing junk, not remembering memories of every item that you see there.
  • Once you’ve determined which items you should keep, place these in a secured spot away from your garage. This will ensure that the items you’re keeping won’t be mixed to those which should be thrown away.
  • You can also donate or give away unused items. This will put your stuff in good use while freeing up storage space in your garage. You should never keep items which you’re not using as this will only collect dust in your garage.


2. Consider the details: Now that you’ve got rid of your junk, you can now focus on other details of your garage. Sure, these might be small things but this can have a significant role in your garage’s overall look. Most of these tasks will only require a trip to your hardware store and time. You can start by doing these:

  • Since you’ve been using your garage for a long time now, your drain caps and floor cover plates might already be rusted. Do some general cleaning with these or if it shows wear and tear, purchase new ones.
  • Check if your garage doors are still working. Assess if they can still be shut down to the ground. If not, consider having an amarr installation. Remember, your garage door should keep your vehicle and other items safe, and not do the complete opposite.
  • If the fixtures in your garage are not cemented to the wall or ground, take it out. This includes appliance, cabinets and sinks.


3. Add more storage space: One of the reasons why your garage might look old (and chaotic) is probably because you don’t have a storage system. Because the garage is a very large area, it’s easy to dump everything. To ensure that you’ll not face the same problem again in the future, add storage spaces.

  • If you have items which are large and bulky, hang them on your wall. This can include your bikes, gardening tools, and other sports equipment. When you use your wall as a storage space, you’ll be able to save floor space while being able to find everything the moment you look for it.
  • Your ceiling can also be used as another storage system. You just need plywood, screws, wood glue and heavy-duty plastic totes. This can be an excellent idea for you to store your holiday decorations.


Your Efforts Will Go A Long Way

If you’re a very busy individual, you might think that renovating your old garage is a chore. But if you have a vision of how your garage will look like after doing all of this, you’ll be motivated. Use the information from this article as your guide, and for sure, your garage will look good without spending too much!

Published by Elena Tahora