2Peter 2 “How to Rescue a Recipe”

In many ways, our lives are like a recipe. We begin with a personal faith in Christ because He has called us by his own glory.  As we grow we open God’s spice cabinet to find his precious and magnificent promises which we add to our lives. Even though we have these blessings, there are some spices that wane in strength over time and must be discarded.

Good cooks/bakers know that two ingredients can make or break a recipe: water and fire. Water can flood and fire can burn. For the believer, water is our safety net and fire burns away the dross of sin.  God’s recipe lists both. He says that when we walk through the waters, He will be with us; when we walk through the fire we will not be harmed because he knows how to rescue the godly from their trials but with the trial will make a way to endure it.  [Is 43/1Cor 10]  

God has given us examples of others who tested his recipe and were rescued. Noah lived in an unrighteous time. God’s recipe for his rescue included building an ark. And then there is Lot. God sent his angels to rescue him from the debauched lifestyles of Sodom--- even though Lot had to have some extra “spice” to lure him away.

God knows the perfect ingredients to rescue you. Will you follow his recipe or are you like Lot who needed more encouragement to follow the path of rescue?

All scripture is taken from: https://lumina.bible.org


Published by Gaye Austin