If you’ve ever made a mistake in your life and created chaos around you, this is for you!
If it seems that you always create more problems while trying to fix another problem, this is for you!
If you’ve reached a point of deep frustration, resentment, anger or even despair because you can’t seem to get things “right,” this is for you!
Your computer (YOU) needs a thorough system restore. On August 21, during our next Solar eclipse, the "X factor" can support you.
Firstly, this is not a miracle cure!
It is a moment in time that can significantly alter your consciousness and help to return you to a shining light that you are and have always been.

Secondly, we are always given opportunities to reset ourselves. In fact, we get this opportunity daily after the setting of the sun. Each night, we can “reset” for the next day.  However, there are times when energies coincide to give us unique opportunities to reset ourselves back to a more luminous light.  Do not take this literally. You will not be turning into luminous light – I mean this figuratively. But don't be surprised if people think you look younger or more refreshed. If you do this right, you will be removing lots of "dust" from you.

Our Creator (by whatever name you choose) gives us the collective opportunity to push the golden spiritual reset button during times of planetary alignments. This allows you and me to return to a time when our world was much less cluttered and purer. Like a newborn without all the negative programming. We can regain connection with the light of creation that within us anytime we choose. But we have to choose... free will remember?

On August 21, 2017, the total eclipse of the Sun in the north will give us the chance to “RESET” our inner sun on a massive scale.
How does this work?

On this day, the X-Factor will be right on top of the USA. The X-factor in a sense is an unknown factor or the unexplainable adding a particular value to a person, element, or thing. You can call it God, Creator, Universe, Higher Self, Mystere, Unknown, etc. Please bear in mind, this is not to be taken literally.
To activate your inner reset button, do the following in order prescribed:
1.    Make an inventory of how you have “F” up, and I mean brutally honest with yourself. No one is going to read it. Maybe. This part of taking responsibility is the most important. If you find yourself blaming someone else for your ills, you have got more work to do. We create our own mess. Cleaning up can be hard, smells bad and usually messy. Ask your local sanitary tech.
2.     Share with someone (who will not judge or condemn you for your errors in life). You can choose a spiritual guide, priest, best friend, or partner. Animal friend like a dog ok if that works for you. Personally I prefer a person because it makes it "real" and makes us face and heal our own self judgement.  Some religions got this down pack by making it a requirement to "share" with a priest. It's not by mistake. "Confessions" when done properly works wonders.  
If you feel you have no-one to share your "crimes" against self, man and the gods of your ancestors with, share it by burning it in a small fire, placing it at a crossroads, throwing it over a bridge or sending it downstream in a river.  In some cased if the harm is that bad, you may want to give to the crossroad, specially if speaking to someone else may cause harm.
For those Cross (X)-tian witches out there, you can also use the “Lords” prayer. For the “Khemetians,” you can use the Khemetic version which is an older version. Look it up. Heck, you don't have to be X-tian to use it. Any system you use will work as long as you are intentional and focused. And it helps to put some emotions behind it. Do not fake remorse, the more real, the better. If you have no remorse then you may still have some lessons to learn.
Don’t just go over the motion of release, sink your teeth into it.  Feel the pain and then choose to let it go!
Some call this process grieving. Call it whatever works for you.
3.    Lastly, commit to doing something each day to reverse the habit (make amends) which has created the chaos in your life.
JUST ONE, please. We shoot ourselves when we try to take too much too soon. You can always add later.  Practice for 90 days and let me know how your life has miraculously changed 😊 Seriously, I’d like to know.
What happens if you don't do part 3 - you already know what will happen.
Here’s what you must remember:
•    This will work if you work it.
•    This will not work if you don’t.
You can do this anytime for the rest of your life. Do not wait until the next Xclipse in 2014. Like everything in life, YOU are the most important factor - the  X-factor within the Universal X-factor.
Yours N’love and N’Spirit!
Irmina Tutu
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