How often do you see stick thin models or celebrities in clothing that is supposedly the latest or must have look?  Does it make you feel like you either need to loose weight or forget that new trend altogether?

Well, no need to despair!  Just check out these fashions and how I have adapted them for a more curvy frame.  No airbrushing required!!

The thing is, with shorter dresses you need to balance out your curves with heavier footwear, otherwise you add pounds that aren't even there.  If you remember this rule of thumb, it's actually difficult to go wrong.

A night out with the girls or with that special someone, no problem!!  Choose a dress that skims your waist and is NOT a tent!!  That's where many curvy women go wrong, just because you are not a stick thin person does not mean you don't have a figure.  Don't ever assume that, if you want to accentuate a waist simply add a belt and that works wonders.  A larger bag can work well to to balance out your look.

Beachwear......again, do NOT assume you have to cover up neck to knee in a caftan.  It will make you look huge.  Bikini, use a higher waist, or use a one piece with support.  You'll find that you may even look classier than the 3 triangle string bikini wearer.  If you must cover up, use a kimono style jacket, but keep it open.  Use heavier footwear or pool slides.

Lastly, casual wear or smart casual, and YES skinny jeans are just fine!  Don't let anyone tell you they aren't.  You are not destined to wear daggy mom jeans and boots.....

Skinny jeans and jeggings will accentuate curves, so if you are a little uncomfortable with that, choose a dark denim or black.  Add a loose flowing top, a trendy shaped cropped jacket and some wedges, and there you have it.  You can rock it.  Don't forget, many skinny women would love to have curves (I'm actually one of them).

till next blog.......thanks for reading

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe