Running a flea market stall successfully can be tricky sometimes. It doesn’t always revolve around clearing off the unsold items and junk from your storage and displaying it on the table. The truth is, you can actually build or grow your business through a flea market store.

 But, that would involve some great selling tips that may turn your next flea market sale a sheer success story. Let’s have a look at some of the tips to make it happen:

  1. Promote through your Facebook Page: First of all create your facebook business page, if you have already- thumbs up, if you haven’t, go do it now! Your business facebook page can speak volumes about your business, through real pictures, videos shared. Having an online presence in the era of social media is so very important. Promoting on facebook can help get you connect with the potential customers. Also, try to make your page interactive with some surveys, questionnaire etc.
  2. Offer More Payment Options: Always try to offer every possible payment option that the potential consumer should want to have. The world is getting digitized and it is everybody’s own preference how they wish to pay. Some wish to pay through check, some with credit card or some with cash. Therefore, to have all the payment options is a great idea to attract the interested buyers. Also, don’t forget to keep the change handy for a smoother business transaction.
  3. Advertising: Advertising about the current or the upcoming flea market sale is a great idea. Here, social media and other online applications can prove beneficial as they are comparatively cheap source of advertising that others. For example, if you are planning to exhibit in a new place or market, you can advertise or promote this on your facebook page. This would help to attract your potential and interested buyers to your new place.
  4. Business Cards: There may come some instances or situations when a particular customer is not willing to buy or pay currently because of whatever reason. But, you don’t want to miss an opportunity or a potential customer. Therefore, you must always keep your business cards handy. Exchanging business cards with even visitors to your stall can make your outlook towards business all the more professional.
  5. Accept offers/ Negotiate: One cannot deny the fact, that negotiating or bargaining forms an important part of the flea business. While, it is understandable that one should not say yes to every single offer that is coming, you should be open to reasonable offers. Be flexible with your pricing and negotiate, especially if you are still on the establishing level of your business.
  6. Have An Approachable Body Language: At places like an exhibition in a flea market, you are the face of your business. You are literally representing your business, so people are only going to stop at your stall, if you look approachable and friendly enough. Make yourself approachable and invite the sale. Try to look friendly and don't just sit around! By following all the above mentioned tips and a little bit of hard work and dedication can surely make your flea market stall a real success in the market.