All of us have reasons for saving money right? Some of us wanna buy a car, buy shoes, buy designer bags but more of us save to travel. I mean you don't want to be the type of friend who always has to borrow money because you get shortage of funds.

Well here are some things to help you save money before a big trip and maybe another big trip after the first big trip!

1. Remind Yourself that you are saving up for something! most of the time people forget and keep spending money on everything else. So all the time i want to buy something i remind myself that i'm headed somewhere in a few months so i have to save.

2. Set aside a portion of your allowance! a lot of people do this but the trick is to hide the money somewhere you will not see it so you don't use it at all except for emergencies though. Setting aside 20-40% of your allowance or salary goes a really long way.

3. Bring "BAON" or what you call packed lunch! Yes packed lunch meaning 0 expenses on lunch and you can always bring water with you you know "Free Refills"

4. Walk not "TAXI" if you can walk to your destination walk! it lessens the expenses lol except when its really really far and you habe to ride a taxi.

5. Don't Over Everything! by that i mean don't overspend, over think and most importantly over budget you gotta live a little 20-40% of you allowance or salary is okay! people you still gotta live.

well i hope these 5 magical words of saving wisdom will help you in saving big bucks for your next big trip! 

Published by Kimberly Anne See