Blenders are most useful appliances in any kitchen. A kitchen is incomplete without a suitable mixer on the shelf. Although there are many varieties of blenders in the market and at times people like keeping more than one kind of mixer to supplement their cooking requirements.

People often get confused when they tend to buy mixers. Firstly they don't know about the difference in different variants and secondly which blender will suit their requirements the best. So here is a quick guide that will explain you everything about the different mixer and which one should be your pick.

Personal or hand held blenders: these type of mixers are usually small and can make only one serving at a time. Typically, the hand mixers are used for mixing, making batters or smoothing passes. Such personal blenders are suitable for beginners who have just started cooking or for bachelors. On an average, a personal blender will cost you something between $50-$100. These are good for the small budget and mainly used for making bakery products or gourmet food.

Countertop blenders: these are the most commonly used mixers often used as synonymous to blenders. You will find them in almost every household use. Commonly they have three variant that is dependent on wattage and blending. Such mixers provide the option for dry grinding, semi-solid or making the thick paste as well as making shakes. They come with three types of jars, the small one with two blades, medium size with either three or four leaves and the large one with usually four edges.

Such blenders are very good for data to day kitchen use and kindly provide multiple functions from the same machine. You have to pay somewhere around $100-$300 for this. Some big brands with good warranty are available at higher rates.

Commercial grade blenders: commonly known as food processors they are heavy duty, highly durable blenders that can perform multiple tasks. They have different jars with different blades that can do the chopping, grinding, mixing and blending functions. These are prices a bit high, ranging from $300-$700, while some variants may come at a price as high as $1000.  

These blenders are good for those who love cooking and know different cuisines and love making the variety of dishes also good for those who are things to start up their food stall or a small kitchen.

The three variants of blenders summarized above are regarding general parlance. But before you tend to buy one for yourself you must be clear about few things like your uses, wattage, speed, jar size, motor warranty, durability and of course the price. And if you want a perfect fit then check out blenders and their guide on The juzz.

Regardless to say, do not forget to see all available option within your budget around you in the local market as well as online. There are plenty of offers available on different websites that also deliver the product free of charge to your home. So what are you waiting for, grab your perfect blending machine right now?


Published by Jason Roy