So you want to work and be productive? But every time you walk into your workspace you don’t do anything? I was there! And this is how I got out of this downwards spiral.

Clean up

Dedicate a day to cleaning up the hole space. Wear your comfortable clothes and  get going.

Empty desk

I like to keep my desk as neutral as possible. This will end up calming you down.

The chair

I know finding a pretty one is hard. Trust me mine isn’t photogenic at all but it gets the job done. It’s very importent to be comfortable


I know you have a stack of unsorted papers laying around if you are reading this. So please just check what you need. Scan any papers you think you will need and keep them digital. This will make your life a lot easier.

Dedicate time

Every time you enter and leave your office make it a habit to clean it up. I don’t mean really wiping down the desk and vacuuming. But just making shore there are no things laying around that should not be there.

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Published by Lisa Winckelmans