It is a common belief that losing weight is all about controlling what you eat. However, that is not entirely true. It is very crucial for you to understand that one requires adopting measures which have a long-lasting impact when it comes to weight loss. A lifestyle change ensures that you lose weight and stay that way. Here are some of the easiest ways to shed those extra kilos naturally:

1. Eat in Small Portions

While eating, you should always keep in mind the portion size. For people who are trying to lose weight, eating the right portions can be a big challenge. You should always start your meal with small portions of food and then add on a little if needed. You should avoid eating too quickly in the starting as this might lead to overeating. Moreover, if you have plans to eat out, then you should start your meal with a bowl of veggies to avoid excess calorie intake. Veggies consist of fibre that prevents you from overeating food in one go.

2. Never Skip Meals

Most people believe that if they skip their meals, then they can easily lose weight. This is an incorrect notion as skipping meals puts the body in starvation mode, and this eventually leads to building up of fat cells. Furthermore, when you skip one meal, you are likely to overeat during your next meal. Doing this increases the risk of weight gain. You should eat small meals frequently as well as consume healthy snacks in between your meals to boost your metabolism and ensure that your energy levels are always up.

3. Let Water Be Your Best Friend

Consuming a lot of water helps in keeping you full for a longer duration. This, in turn, decreases your chances of going overboard with your meals. You should always keep yourself well hydrated at all times as sometimes; your body can confuse thirst with hunger.

4. Snack Right

Everybody loves to snack, but it is crucial that you pick the right snack for your diet. Go for snacks like a cup of yoghurt, fresh fruits, whole wheat munchies, a handful of nuts, or hummus with salad sticks. You can prepare your own version of healthy snacks by combining proteins with carbohydrates, for example- an apple or pear with a teaspoon of an almond or peanut butter or 10 grams of feta cheese with whole wheat crackers. Such snack options keep you satiated for more extended periods and provide a feeling of satiety.

5. Exercise Regularly

You should take out some time from your busy routine to indulge in physical activities. Some of the easiest activities involve 25-30 minutes or walking or running. If you are not a gym person, then you can do some yoga. Furthermore, you can also practice any of your favourite sports activity such as cricket, badminton, squash or tennis which would help in keeping you healthy and fit.

6. Keep a Diet Diary or Chart

Maintaining a diet chart is extremely important as it will enable you to track what you have been eating the entire day and the number of calories you have consumed. Other than this, you should also keep track of your water intake along with the daily physical activity to keep up with the same routine each day.

7. Use Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic medicines can help a person in shedding excess weight naturally with the help of stress reduction, healthy diet, and using some of the essential oils used for weight loss. You can find a huge variety of ayurvedic products in any good online ayurvedic pharmacy like 1mg.

Losing weight is not at all a difficult task. All you have to do is eat the right things and not starve yourself. Being healthy and fit is a far more desirable trait than losing weight.

Published by sandeep Malik