Shopping is my favourite activity but, on a tight student budget like mine, it can become hard. But I've come up with a solution!

Here’s how to look fabulous for less:

1. Sign up for your favourite store's newsletters. I know, it sounds like torture to see your favourite outfits emailed to you almost every day but, if you budget and save wisely then once a month or so you should be able to spend a little on yourself and you’ll have all the best deals right under your fingertips!

2. Look for sales! If you’re shopping online look for free shipping deals and/or clearance offers. Sometimes the best clothes are hiding on the clearance rack. So, take a little extra time on your lunch break to look for the best fashion find.

3. Shop through Ebates. Ebates has specialty deals but, is known for giving you money back for shopping online. Wanna know how it works? Watch this 1-minute video:

4. Walk the extra mile. Go to used clothes stores, value village or shop through online used clothes stores. It sounds a little gross but after a hot run in the washing machine and maybe a trip to the dry cleaners you’ll feel on top of the world!

5. Sell your stuff. Look into selling your own old clothes and use the spare money to splurge a little. After all, money comes and goes and sometimes it’s nice to spend a little extra to feel extra pretty!

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Published by Andie Toderovitz