Have you ever seen poor, hungry people and you feel sad about them? Have you seen food getting wasted in your parties, celebrations or even yesterday’s leftover meal in your fridge? I hope the answer to both these questions is yes.

I have seen people who are concerned about food wastage and never overstuff their plate, they take only as much as they can eat. It is definitely a good habit. I have seen companies who track their food wastage and display it every day, to encourage employees to save food. I am appreciative of all these efforts, but the hunger still persists. Maybe what you are saving is not reaching the starving stomach. But my point is what happens to the food that is leftover on the buffet counters in your office, parties, or hotels. Do they throw it away?  You tried your best to save it but does it matter? What if it lies rotten in some dustbin.

Five-star hotels and prestigious restaurants have an elaborate spread of food, and it is not consumed entirely, we see the counters closing in front of our eyes with food still in those vessels. Due to their quality checks, they cannot serve the same food the next day. Then where does it go? I hope they give it to some NGO

Thankfully, I have heard of some NGOs who collect food from such places and distribute it among the poor. But I have not seen any such activity in front of my eyes. I have seen food getting wasted multiple times, and I have seen the sad faces of hungry people. Can’t we just play on demand and supply equation and provide food to such people.

Well, it’s not that easy. Once, I had a small party at my place. There was leftover food which I tried to distribute to the poor people in the vicinity. But I could not find enough people and had to travel far and wide in my area to finish the stock. Not everyone has that much time to invest, especially if it is a hotel or regular catering business.

There is a solution to this problem which can eradicate hunger.

To solve this, we must know the exact coordinates (timing and location) of a celebration with expected leftover food, and we need to know the location of a poor, hungry person. Next would be to find a means to transfer this food to the needy, which would require resources and investment. No one would like to invest in such a task. Someone can do it for a day or two, to serve humanity, but not forever. That is the reason the problem still exists. Then what can be done?

Apps like Uber track real-time data and are present in almost all smartphones. They have connected the world. We can track the nearest driver and the driver can find the nearest customer. What if we had a similar app for food donation.

1)Anyone can tag the location of a poor, hungry person or locality.

2) if you are organizing a party and are expecting leftovers, you can tag the location

3) Now, you can find the nearest location with poor people and can distribute your food. If you have edible, leftover food in your fridge, just find a hungry person nearby and deliver the food to him (hopefully, enough people upload that information, although it won’t be difficult)

This app will become a storehouse of information, and you would be able to satisfy the demand and supply equation -connecting food with the hungry.

I am not a tech savvy person to create this app, but hopefully, someday I would be able to invest my money in building this app, or this post might inspire someone who can make this idea a reality.


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Published by Urvashi Pahwa