Lots of people reckon that it’s hard to split firewood properly. It’s probable that they don’t know how to set themselves up for success or how to use right tools. So, if having a right technique, that means even a person with skinny arms can split firewood quickly and effectively. Of course, you want to know how to
perform it, right? Down here now!


Step 1

To split logs, you must have logs first. Normally, a fallen tree is a great source of making firewood. And you need to cut that tree into log sections to split easily. Chainsaws work well, but you should find the best chainsaw sharpener to make your chainsaw sharper. Relying on that, you can carry out the job better.

Step 2

Next, use a log splitting maul in order to split logs, especially splitting along the grain. Basically, the maul is a type of an axe, but it’s stronger and thicker since it’s designated with a sharp sledgehammer edge at the blade’s back. To perform the job well, you MUST use it.

Step 3

Aside from both above important tools, please always wear the suitable protective gear such as safety glasses, high-quality gloves, and solid boots with a steel-toe. Be sure to get a cell phone or someone nearby in case of emergency. Also, you should set a large and open area before splitting.

Start splitting firewood

Choose an appropriate chopping block to place to the log. If you’re in the woods, the best thing is to look for a big part of the tree’s trunk since it’s easy to swing the maul and cause less tension on the back. Make sure this chopping block is about 6 inches off the ground.

Step 2

Place the log near the center of the chopping block and make it stable. Then check hairline cracks so that you can easily aim the maul’s blade in it. You should mark or create a visual cue in case the cracks aren’t obvious to see. Depending on different wood, you need to split in other ways. For instance, it’s easy to chop the maple towards the edges of the end-grain. To oak logs, you should split through the middle.

Step 3

Please hold the splitting maul tightly with your dominant hand below its head and the non-dominant hand at the end. Bend your knees slightly, then raise the maul head straight up above the head, and lengthen the arms straight. You should slide your dominant hand down until both hands are close. Hold the end of the handle firmly, brings the hands down and flick the wrists. Relying on that, you allow the gravity to perform much of the work. Besides, avoid putting the end of the maul behind your head to guarantee your safety.

Step 4

In case the log fails to split the first time, you should pull the maul bit out of it. But, if it’s stuck in the wood, try rocking the axe bit up and down. After that, hit in exactly the same place or along any crack’s length to complete the splitting.

Step 5

As a bonus, you should bring some wedges because they work best for knotted pieces of wood or especially for hardwood with a large diameter. Hit the wedge slightly into the grain with a sledge. Then give straight and solid hits to hammer the wedge into the log with the sledgehammer. If the wedge doesn’t split totally, take another and place it along the same crack, but near to the edge of the log. Relying on that, the force you bring can release both wedges and split the log.

Stack and store

Make sure you split the wood into desired sizes (about 6-8 inches) in order to stack and store easily.

Of course, you need to store the firewood accurately to keep it right. But, it isn’t similar to putting it in a box and then closing the lid because this creates moisture against the wood. The best thing is to keep the firewood tidily stacked off the ground with a firewood rack, so you can protect your achievements from insect infestations.

And remember to store it in a windy area and away from home to prevent insects from penetrating into the house. Also, it’s necessary to leave a gap behind the firewood rack so that the air can access through the firewood from all sides. What’s more, prepare a tarp to avoid rainfalls because the firewood might get worse in such cases.


How to split firewood properly? Is it still your big trouble anymore? As long as you follow this article from first to last, you can get your job done satisfactorily. Just make sure you pick up the right tools and know the right posture while splitting. And everything goes smoothly like you want.

Published by Zachary McGavin