Coloured lenses are having a big moment. From celebrities to even sports stars; all of them have been seen out and about, donning a pair of coloured lenses. Not only do the coloured lenses give the wearer a stunning look but they also enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, as well!


If you are on the lookout to invest in a pair of good quality, natural coloured lenses, then chances are that you will end up getting confused as the market is flooded with different types and brands of lenses. From natural to the most popular Solotica hidrocor lenses, here we give you a brief run-down about both these lenses and how you can spot the differences between the two, like a pro!


Natural Colored Lenses:

As the name clearly shows, these lenses are natural coloured, meaning that you can’t expect to see red or yellow coloured lenses in this particular category. These lenses generally have an enhancement tint that only brightens up your natural eye colour. If you completely want to change the colour of your eye, then you will have to opt for a natural coloured lens with an opaque tint.


That said, one of the most important things to remember about natural lenses is that they have a slight limbal ring. This means that these lenses have a thin ring on the outer edges, giving the eyes a natural but bold and distinctive look.


Hidrocor Lenses:

If you are new to buying lenses, then the word Hidrocor lenses itself may seem a bit too heavy to you. However, simply put, these lenses, unlike other lenses, do not have any limbal ring surrounding their outer edges. This not only makes them extremely opaque but also gives them a lighter and brighter quality. So if you are on the lookout for lightening or changing your natural eye colour without giving an artificial tone to your eyes, then these are the perfect lenses for you.


Differentiating Between Hidrocor and Natural Lenses


Spotting the differences between Hidrocor and natural lenses is not as difficult as it seems. It all depends on how easily you can assess whether the lens has a limbal ring or not!


Limbal Ring:

One of the key differences between a Hidrocor and a natural lens is the limbal ring. As mentioned before, a limbal ring is simply a dark ring on the outer edge of the lens. The main purpose of this is to give a striking and distinctive look to the eye. That said, keep in mind that Hidrocor lenses do not have a limbal ring, whereas natural lenses have a slight limbal ring.


There is a type of lens that has a very prominent and thick limbal ring and it is known as the hidrochamre lens. So if you are opting for a natural look, then Hidrocor lenses are perfect for you but if you are on the lookout for natural coloured lenses that also give a bold look to your eyes, then natural lenses with the alimbal ring are what you need.


The opacity of the Lens:

Simply put, opacity refers to lack of transparency in a lens. If you are looking for a dramatic change by changing the colour of your eyes temporarily, then you would be on the lookout for a lens with maximum opacity. Besides the absence or presence of limbal rings, another key feature that can help you in differentiating between Solotica Hidrocor lenses and natural coloured lenses is opacity.


Hidrocor lenses are the best opaque lenses available in the market and since they do not have a limbal ring, they seamlessly blend in within the eye, giving a very natural look to the eye. On the other hand, natural coloured lenses not only have a limbal ring but they are also less opaque as compared to Hidrocor lenses. Wearing such a lens gives a sharper look to the eye.


The Final Look!:

One of the best ways to test whether you have the Hidrocor lenses or the natural coloured lenses is to test them by putting them on! Natural coloured lenses have black accents on their outer rim and when you put them on, you will see that your eyes become sharper and brighter. On the other hand, Hidrocor lenses are more opaque as compared to other lenses and lack a surrounding accented ring. This makes them blend in easily with the eye and give a very natural look. Unlike natural coloured lenses which are great for wearing for a night out, you will see that Hidrocor lenses can be worn throughout the day. How cool is that! An additional benefit of using Hidrocor lenses is that they can be worn up to 12 hours in a day!


Hidrocor Lenses are The Best Way to Give a Stunning Look to Your Eyes and Personality!

Published by Zubair Hassan