Porn industry is not just confined to adult tube sites, membership sites and webcam sites. It encompasses other silos such as escort services, sex toys business, phone sex business, etc. Selling sex toys online is indeed a profitable business idea. Americans love sexual paraphernalia such as rubber penises, dildos, vibrators, beads, penis rings etc. Now that Americans are becoming more and more liberal, the future of sex toys business is undoubtedly bright. Herein lies the beauty of this business – operating expenses are low and profits are high.

Here’s how to sell sex toys. Read on.

Step #1: Industry Analysis

Size of the Industry

Let’s first understand the size of this industry. In 2016, the industry was pegged at $15 billion USD. It’s bound to exceed $30 billion USD by 2020. The numbers are impressive!

Key Drivers

Not so long ago, long distance relationships lasted only for a couple of years. Thanks to remote controlled and smartphone / app controlled vibrators, long distance relationships are indeed working out. And yes, people love trying new things that invoke great sexual pleasure. 

Noteworthy Players

Enlisted below are the popular players in this industry:

  1. Lovehoney
  2. Amazon
  3. Honour
  4. Simply pleasure
  5. Nice and Naughty
  6. Esmale 

Demographics and Psychographics

You can sell sex toys to anyone who is at-least 18 years old. Of course, you should target those who have optimum purchasing power. For all intents and purposes, you can target LGBT communities, sex workers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, bankers, tourists, celebrities, government and non-government officials, military men and women, etc.

Step #2: Choose a Niche

It’s important to choose a niche. There are many advantages. Niche specific online sites are likely to get good quality and targeted traffic. Coming to search engine rankings, Google gives preference to those sites that attract organic traffic. It’s a well-known fact that niche sites attract significant organic traffic.

More importantly, pick a niche that’s under-served and profitable. Here’s an example: Eco-friendly sex toys are all the rage in 21st century. They are rechargeable. They are non-toxic. They are made of wood and silicone. Investment is minimum. Profits are great.

 Here’s yet another niche worth your investment: Dildos

Dildos are arguably the most thrilling sex toys. Your online sex toys store should have the following different types of dildos:

  • Large dildos
  • Vibrating dildos
  • Homemade dildos
  • Realistic dildos
  • Black dildos
  • Porn star molded dildos
  • Silicone dildos
  • Glass dildos
  • Anal dildos
  • G-spot dildos
  • Strapless dildos
  • Suction Cup dildos   
  • Double-ended dildos
  • Harness dildos

 Even reputed marketplaces like Amazon don’t keep dildos of each and every aforementioned category.

Step #3: Build a site

There are three approaches of building an online sex toys store.

Approach #1: Scratch

Hire a team of web developers. Articulate your expectations and requirements. Web developers charge a bomb to design, develop and configure online sex toy sites. This approach isn’t financially feasible.  And yes, it takes anywhere between 3 and 9 months to develop a fully functional online sex toys site.

Approach #2: White-label

There are many popular white-label sites that help you build an online sex toys site. Right from adult hosting and adult drop shipping to payment processing, they handle every aspect of your business. But there are many dis-advantages.

  1. You will make not more than 50% commission on net sales. The remaining 50% goes to whitelabel service providers. Let me run a few genuine numbers for you.

Average cost of a dildo


Number of dildos sold / week


Net sales per week


Net sales per month (4 weeks)




Effective earnings @50% commission


Effective annual earnings



White-label sites let you earn $30000 USD annually. But most importantly, the earning potential stands at $60000 USD.

Are you being paid fairly? No! You are being paid just 50% of what you actually deserve. This is unfair!

  1. White-label sites look great. But customization of themed templates to the fullest is not possible. As a matter of fact, there are hardly any provisions to change pre-loaded themes
  2. Truth be told, scalability is a huge issue. It’s not uncommon to see whitelabel sites managing traffic poorly.
  3. Let’s say you want to sell your established sex toys site. It’s an ordeal. The white-label service provider will not let you do that. In other words, it’s nothing short of a nightmare!

Approach #3: Adult CMS

This approach works wonders and hence, I strongly recommend it. There are many professional adult CMS such as xMarketplace. xMarketplace is known for its high performance, amazing design, responsive templates, robust admin facility, etc.

  1. Buy an adult friendly hosting
  2. Buy an adult CMS
  3. Make changes as per your discretion
  4. Use built-in dropshipping API to your advantage
  5. Initiate, facilitate and conclude payments through adult friendly payment processors

 Of course, here are a few hygiene factors definitely worth considering:

  1. More often than not, users search sex toys based on parameters such as price, range, color, reviews and ratings, category etc. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate search filters in your online sex toys store
  2. It’s recommended to have at-least 2 adult friendly payment processors. Also, cash on delivery feature is also worth incorporating.
  3. A dedicated analytics module is required to understand the performance of your products in the market 
  4. Check-out process should be seamless and effortlessly smooth
  5. Website loading time should not be more than 3 seconds

Step #4: Drive Traffic

This is my favorite part. To begin with, make a list of keywords that are pertinent to adult sex toys business. You can use SEMrush to identify all the relevant keywords.

You can target the following platforms to drive traffic:

  • Adult forums
  • Adult friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr
  • NSFW sections of Reddit and StumbleUpon
  • PPC campaigns
  • Adult media buying

Step #5: Sell and Make BIG Money

Here’s your favorite part. Sell sex toys and make BIG money. Late product deliveries often invite the wrath of customers. So, ensure that you do business with reputed adult drop-shippers.

What’s your Profit?

Annual Sales (from the first table)

$60000 USD

Adult CMS (one time investment)

$199 USD

Drop-shipping contract (annual)

$15000 USD

Miscellaneous expenses

$2000 USD

Total expenses

$17199 USD

Profit (Annual Sales – Total expenses)



The amount quoted for drop-shipping contract is liberal. Other figures are conservative. The profit potential of this industry is huge.

Found this post on how to sell sex toys online useful and informative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you have any queries or concerns, shoot them in the comments. Keep watching this space for insights on profitable adult business ideas. Keep selling sex toys online. Cheers!

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