Promoting and marketing your business has never been so easy. With digitization, social media has become the first platform, where most brands look to promote their products and services. Instagram is a visual platform and is apt for all businesses irrespective of their size and nature. All you have to do is curate the content according to your business and target audience.

Here is how to run your Instagram page successfully

Set your account profile to public

Make sure your Instagram business profile is set to public and not private. It is obvious, but still, new account makers make this rookie mistake. If you set your account to private, your users won’t be able to follow your content and the whole purpose of making the account would go to waste.


Your page’s bio is the things that will make a user follow your account. So, make sure you provide information in a way that appeals to your users. Insert something catchy about what you do and what is your brand’s goal. Keep it short and insert URL to your website and app.

Also, add details about your business like the address if it is a physical store and timings. For both online and offline business, don’t forget to add number or email so that user can reach you in case of an emergency.

Your content should be best

Don’t make your content generic and bland. Curate it for your target audience, research what type of content they love to see and create posts accordingly. Also, keep posting consistently at a time when your customers are online. Also, have a theme; it can make a huge difference.

Work with influencers

Influencers can help you with networking. They have huge followers, and you should collaborate with them if you want more people to see your content and follow you. They can expose your business to more people who were not in your target audience before and can help make loyal consumers.

Keep interacting with your customers

It is an important tip, and all business owners, whether new or old should keep this in mind. Only posting content on Instagram won’t work you have to engage with your audience. You need to make a community of loyal followers, who will stay with your brand, no matter what challenges you face ahead.

For that, you can reply to their comments, or ask them about their opinion through captions, and so on. Moreover, with the help of Instagram stories, you can ask the audience about their opinion about a certain product or service. IG stories let you take a poll or ask questions which are appealing too. You can create an amazing Instagram stories using Canva.

Keep tracking your progress

If you don’t track your growth, it will be hard to assess whether you are moving in the right direction or not. That is why; keep tracking meaningful data points so that you can make strategies to improve your account.

Even Instagram provides you with tools to measure your success and collect data which you can analyze later. One such tool is insights which tell you how many users are engaging with your content and what kind of posts they like. It will help you curate the content for maximum engagement.

Don’t analyze too much as too much of anything is never good. Moreover, you should track the progress of your account with long-term goals in mind.

Keep updating your profile

In a business, nothing is concrete. A business goes through a lot of changes, like change in address or contact details or merger with another company and so on. It is important that as soon as these changes take place, you reflect these changes in your Instagram account too.

If a new user or an old customer contacts you, but the information is old, it won’t sit well with them. Make sure that you update the profile as soon as there are any changes in the business, it won’t take much time and it is simple too.

Take professional help if required

Lastly, if you are overwhelmed with trying to make strategies for Instagram marketing, seek a professional. There are numerous social media managers, who know a lot about successfully running an Instagram page. It has become a serious profession these days and these experts know how to work things that no one else sees.

They know how to make your audience react in a positive manner without much effort. They know what the audience wants and will evaluate your business and will make your content such that audience reacts to it. They will often change your perspective about people and how Instagram is crucial for your business in this age.

Instagram is still fairly new when it comes to using for business. Experts are trying new approaches to make Instagram successful and more accessible to their audience. Keep checking this page for more information regarding these approaches

Published by Kavita Paliwal