Being a music artist is quite tough isn’t it? But tough in which way?

Not that tough, actually. It’s an honest confession. But to break down the tough process into simple steps, it’s important to work smartly. And that’s where most of the people fail. And that’s where, you get a chance to shine. But to shine, it’s very important that you choose the right corner. The corner which can provide you enough space as well as light to reflect.

Earning Money With SoundCloud

Look, as we have moved ahead with time, things have changed a lot. Therefore, the way you can start making money over SoundCloud is not just limited to a single way, but many. We will talk about some ways which are straight and can be used by most of the people. These ways are also preferred by most of the users.

First of all you can register yourself on ‘On SoundCloud’. On the internet, you will find that this program works quite similarly to the YouTube partner program. And just like YouTube, you will be allowed to use paid advertisements in order to earn money. Whenever your song will be played, users will listen to those advertisements, and you will get the money.

Therefore, advertisements can be useful and they will help you in earning revenue directly. But other than that, there are other ways of earning money from SoundCloud. For those methods, you will have to improve your image.

By improving the image, I mean that you will have to improve your stats. You can go the organic way which takes a lot of time and efforts or otherwise you can try boosts from a good-rated seller like StreamDigic. Just don’t let buying Soundcloud plays, followers and likes carry you away – it has to be just a part of your marketing strategy. After doing so, you will be able to attract a number of important authorities from all around the industry. They will get to know about you and your career as a music artist. Andby seeing a large number of SoundCloud plays along witha big community of fans around your account putting likes to your songs, they will also make up their mind for collaborating with you.

Together, you can either write and produce more tracks or you can even organize concerts, where hundreds of people will get a chance to see you performing live. Collaborating with someone, will benefit you as your partner will also be having a huge fan base, and therefore you would come across new followers and get much more plays on your tunes.

You will get a nice exposure, plus the main thing, you will get a lot of funds by organizing such a concert. Once you have organized such a concert, then you can shoot the footage and upload it over YouTube. As more and more people will get to know about your concert, they will try to contact you and big brands and organizers will also contact you, on the basis of your performance. And that’s how you can become a star and earn lots of money.

And here’s when your branding and marketing strategies will play a major role. Through those two factors, you will be increasing your online visibility and that’s how even your fan base would increase.

The Different levels on SoundCloud

As we are discussing this money-making process over SoundCloud, it’s important to have the knowledge of all the different levels that exist on the platform.

The partner program is for free and if you are new to SoundCloud and looking to make your way to the top, then this can be right choice for you. And inside the partner program, you can join groups, etc., where you can learn a lot of stuff. In the partner program, you will be attracting the followers, and there will be a growth in your fans, plays and other.

In the Pro division you have to pay an amount monthly, which is close to 6 dollars, and here you can upload unlimited tracks. The third tier which is the Premier version, it allows you to earn money through advertisements, as we discussed above.

So, these were some of the ways in which you can increase the number of plays and your fan base over SoundCloud, and so start making money. But for earning money through an audio sharing platform, it will be very important to stay constant with your work and keep uploading tracks relevant to the latest trends of the scene, because that’s how the people will start trusting you as an artist. But if becoming a trend setter, would change it all and make your biggest dreams come true.

Published by Eric Foley