Having a hard time, making reading a habit?

Like what I always say, I also struggled to make reading, as a habit. Watching a movie or TV show were more entertaining to me than reading. Chatting with my friends over the phone were more important than reading my homework and book assignments before.

But that “will” has made me into that someone I am proud to be, today. A blogger, a book geek wannabe and most importantly, a better version of myself 10 years ago.

I started reading popular books as my first attempt in creating this habit. Books that can make me “one of them” and be part of the book geek club that I was in before. (I used to work with ESL teachers that were so bookish and because of this, I found myself so out-of-place because I was never into books)

I started to read one book at a time.

But, I had one dilemma: I had a hard time finishing one book especially if a chapter is so boring and just found myself asleep thereafter.

Yes! You are not alone! I was once like that!
Books have been, one of my best lullaby and I’ve created a lot of excuses for this.

  • The topic is not interesting enough
  • The chapter was so boring!
  • Too many highfalutin words
  • Too lazy to check the dictionary
  • Too tired to read
  • and endless EXCUSES NOT TO.

I felt horrible because I thought I was wasting my time and money. But somehow, I have discovered ways on how to create the habit of reading.

1. Don’t Try to Blend In

Even though everyone was talking about Catching Fire trilogy, I haven’t read it because I’m not interested with it just yet. I haven’t read Harry Potter too, although it was one of the best-selling book of all time.

Every book has its own time with your own taste.
Try other books that interest you, even though it may seem baloney or weird to others.
There is a more chance of finishing a book if you are GENUINELY interested with it.

2. Try different book genre 

There is a large variety of book genre that you can choose from. Try one each and see what really interest you.

  • Sci-fi
  • Mystery
  • Biographies
  • Adventure
  • Classic
  • Non Fiction
  • Self Help
  • Spiritual
  • Leadership

And a lot more!

3. Read Two or Three Books at a Time

Colorful books on shelf

This is what I do for the last few months especially now that I am willing to try different types of book and is still discovering others.

  • Grammar Book
  • Young Adult Book
  • Biography

These are the 3 types of book genre that I am reading as I was writing this article. It will take time to finish them but, I’m sure I’ll be able to finish those because if I get bored with one, I can just switch to the other.

4. Take It Slow

The first few books that you will try won’t suit your taste. You may need to read 3 or more until you’d find that one book that can make you appreciate reading.

Any habit would take around 12-20 days to process for it to be part of your unconscious mind. (The You code by Judi James and James Moore).
Don’t be harsh on yourselves. Take things, slow.

5. Make Your Dictionary Handy

You will need it! (especially if you are reading a book written in another language aside from your mother tongue e.i English for me, because Filipino was my first language). Adding new words to your vocabulary can not only let you understand a story better but can also give you the chance to express yourself better.

Creating the habit of reading can be a tedious process but in the long run, you’d realize its benefits. As they say, ”Consciously start creating good habits because if not,  you will unconsciously create bad ones.”

Start using your money and your energy on things and activities that are valuable and is really worthwhile!
Start the habit of reading!

Originally Published on: Books In My Baggage

Published by Trixie Ricablanca