Today almost every student from Science background dreams to become an engineer. No sooner today pass the class 12th examinations they Dream On to become a part of big universities. JEE main exams are conducted in order to start the application procedure of the colleges. Students work very hard day and night to fulfill their dreams and to join the top universities in town. Some of them start preparing for the examination from class 11 onwards. No doubt the preparation of JEE mains should be started from early stage. For getting admissions in such a prestigious University, then you have to score the highest so as to be in the top 20 percentile list of the board exam result and also the aspirant must have clarified the JEE Advanced entrance examination on the basis of merit.      

But students seem to lose their focus on the Board examinations due to these examinations. Council has decided to setup a minimum criterion and has divided the merit of the admission based on 40% of the marks of the Board examinations and the rest of the mains. To maintain the balance between these two exams the council has distributed the merit criteria among them.         

You are preparing yourself in the best manner for the JEE mains .you need to perform your best in these examination as it will shape up your future. Getting into the best college is very important in your career building process. Because of the ever growing competition in the education field a number of Institutes have started providing the IIT JEE exam courses since class 9 where you can enroll yourself for the above said course.  Due to the heavy competition all the institutes start focusing on preparing that student since class 9. To Crack the JEE Mains examination you can check out the online jee preparation. Taking a online tutorial will not only act as a guide but will also enhance your ability and skills to answer the questions in a better way. This will flourish in more ideas and you will develop new technical skills and tricks in solving the questions easier. They will help in developing your critical thinking for solving a problem and you can also find easy solutions regarding your career planning.      

Miso study is the remedy to your problem. They are known to provide JEE preparation online and have come a long way and have shown a record of excellent performance in the recent past. They provide all kind of support to the student.  They build up their students in such a manner that they are ready to face the toughest question with the skills they have learnt.

They provide the students with following facilities:

  • They have offline video lectures
  • They also have accessories like e-book which you can access easily through your laptop computers or mobile
  • You also get the study materials with in depth knowledge of theory as well as practical.
  • They believe in easy access to knowledge and in providing quality education.
  • The gift sample papers for you to solve and provide a huge bundles of MCQs which will help you in getting your facts clear and will act as a practice session.

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