I remember when I was changing;  my body and mind were changing into a young lady…I so desperately wished I could go back in time to when I was younger when everything was simple, beautiful and easy…If only I could do this, I would truly be happy. Truly happy again. And in life when I would have those small bursts of childlike joy; I just wished I could stay in them forever or go back to my blissful childhood.

But…the past is gone. It no longer exists anymore. With each letter I type, it is already the past; here for a moment, gone in a second. This notion before would have given me great anxiety, for I already knew deep in my heart that the past is gone…dead as the brown leaves of fall, I just couldn’t find a way to believe. I wanted to believe that I could get back in the past, and because of this, I couldn’t truly be present in the Now. 

Then, when I left high school I no longer craved to be in the past but somewhere else…the future. I would tell myself once I finished college and got my degree I would surely be happy! And once I got my degree I would get my dream job, and then get married to the guy of my dreams and start a family…and finally…one sweet day, I would be ever so happy…but this was just a lie. A weight pushing me down…pushing me far from being present in this very moment. I always felt it, deep in my heart that these things that I thought would make me happy would only do so for a short while; I needed to learn to be happy on my own. With my situation now, but I didn’t know how. Until…

NOW, I am here, a 20-year-old woman finally not craving to be in the past or the future.I am present. I am here…Now. I feel at ease, and free…true freedom. I unlocked the secret to happiness…and it’s all about living in the Now and this happiness can be yours as well. The formula is so simple that it is unbelievable and seems unreachable…

First, just look and watch your thoughts and emotions…don’t make any judgment.               

Next, accept. This is what truly will set you free. Accepting. Again…without any judgment.

Third, “Find the ‘narrow gate that leads to life.’ It is called the Now. Narrow your life down to this moment. Your life situation may be full of problems – most life situations are – but find out if you have any problem at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now. Do you have a problem now?” – Eckhart Tolle

Lastly, get in touch with all your senses.Look around you; what do you see? Listen to the sounds all around you… Don’t judge, just watch and listen. Touch the chair your seating on, your face, the blanket wrapped around you and accept its being. Accept YOU, that YOU are here in the now. Let go of regret, for it is only holding you in the past. Let go of fear, for it is keeping your presence in the future instead of where it should be: in the Now.

Today you can be happy. Don’t wait for things, people or situations to make you happy; for those things will only disappoint and make you more unhappy in the end. Be here in the beautiful Now!


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Published by Michelle Tulik