Preparing to travel aye?  Well i got some mind boggling things to keep you as Sane as a pine tree in the storm. Weather your headed to a local or international destination remember these things to keep you from going nuts while preparing yourself!

1.) Don't Get Too Excited

       That was one of the things i do, get excited then get upset in the end because it doesn't happened the way you want it to happened.

2.) Pack a week before

       This i usually do! why? i used to go to uni (Graduated) so i have classes till like a few days before vacation time starts and i'd like to have enough time to review and study for exams and what not. So packing a week early literally helps you lessen the bulk of work till the last minute where you add the certain necessary things like Knickers, Bath Tools, Socks and laundry bags.

3.) Change Money ahead of time

      Well i never had the liberty of doing this because i had my mother do it for me when were together. Throwback to Exchange Student Status when we gotta exchange money in Narita Airport because we we're too hungry because delayed going back to manila. Lesson Learned Change money before you go home lol. 

4.) Don't Get grumpy the night before you'll wake up feeling eh!

and lastly 

5.) Reserve that ball of energy

       Well enough said you'll be doing tons of jumping, climbing, shopping, smiling, eye rolling and a lot more reactions so you better prepare your self to lose energy every  night and hit the sack, with the exemption of the night owls and party animals.

Well we'll end this here and ill probably think of more things that's mind boggling 


Published by Kimberly Anne See