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The secrets our founders knew

Written By: Gary Wonning

During a group discussion yesterday, a colleague of mine relayed an incident when he was six years old. He grew up in a tough neighborhood and was continuously beaten up every day on his way home from school by a group of five brothers.

One day, running home from school, the brothers started chasing him again, he made a dash for the side door of his house. Grabbing the door knob and expecting to reach the sanctuary of home, he found the door locked. Seeing his father inside he began yelling for his dad to open the door.

His father replied, “Sorry, I can’t do that son, you have to learn how to handle this problem on your own.” Turning around he saw the five brothers coming at him with a vengeance. It was now or never, so picking out the smallest of the brothers, the one he thought he could possibly take down, they immediately began to fight.

As a result, he won not only the fight but the respect fo his adversaries, something that would not have been accomplished if the parents had stepped in. 

That ended the bullying. Most bullies are cowards.

Let's reinstitute common sense into our society

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Wisdom lost through the ages, common sense is no longer common.

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