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As you know from previous post, I love Kitenge/ Ankara fabrics (and almost all original African print fabrics). I incorporate it in most of my looks on the blog as well as in my everyday outfits. I have been approached by several ladies asking me how I manage to incorporate it in my style. So here it is, 10 ways to include and style 

Look 1: First you need to keep it simple. For the first look, I paired a Kitenge skirt with a simple black t-shirt, a matching blazer and black pump. When you are trying to match a Kitenge (or any print for that matter) select one colour in the print and make that the dominant colour of your look. 

look-1The second look consist of matching a full Kitenge/Ankara dress with a matching blazer or simply a black blazer.look-2Look 3: take your basic black or any color of a pencil skirt and match it with a kitenge top. Most of the time you will see ladies paired pairing kitenge peplum tops. look-3Look 4 pair a gathered Ankara skirt with your basic shirt. For this look you can keep it simple or add on a blazer. look-4Look 5: for your casual Fridays pair your blue jean and t-shirt with a nice Ankara sleeveless jacket or simply wear your office pencil skirt, a white top and Ankara sleeveless jacket 
IMG_6487look-5Look 6: wearing a Kitenge blazer along with your white top and office pants. look-6Look 7: you can play around with matching different Ankara prints together. The number one rule to follow when matching Ankara prints is to match the colours not the prints. You can select the main colours in a print or some of the other visible but yet subtle colours in the print look-7Look 8: If, unlike me you own an Ankara pants style it with a nice white shirt. Try  

look-8Look 9: Rock a Kitenge jumpsuit paired with a black or matching blazers look-9Look 10: for your casual Fridays style your Ankara skirt with a denim shirt and flat look-10

Bonus tip: for all of you who have to wear a uniform at work, you can jazz it up by:

1. wearing Ankara accessories: necklace, bangles or earing. 

2. You can also add a small kitenge scarf around the neck.

3. Stock up on kitenge hair accessories or headbands. 

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Kisses- Ms. Tico

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