There are so many books around to teach you how to create your own style.  I've read and own a few of them. Over time I have become skeptical of these books because they all say the same thing. Conform to the 'fashion rules' for the basic foundations of style. If you want to be fashion forward, push the limits a tiny bit more. Too much and you've become gaudy. Skepticism aside, I do agree with a few of these items, like the white button up. It really does goes with everything and there's so many ways to dress it up or down. I'm going to show you nine ways I played around with the classic closet staple that is the white button up shirt.

Look 1: Classic Button Up with Jeans

This look has a statement piece necklace as a third piece. A third piece makes your outfit polished, interesting, and complete. It is an extra outfit item, it can be outerwear like a jacket or accessories like a necklace, scarf, or hat.

Look 2: Classic Button Up with Jeans, and Long Cardigan

Here we have the first outfit but now the white button up is tucked in and we have a long cardigan. When you look back at the first outfit, it looks less stylish compared to this look. The rest of these outfits will include a third (outerwear) and fourth piece, the statement necklace.

Look 3: A Little Punk

For a slightly punk look, replace the cardigan with a leather jacket.

Look 4: Punk Chic

For a full blown punk look, add a leather skirt.

Look 5: Leather Jacket and Mini Skirt

If the leather jacket skirt and skirt is a little too much leather for you, swap out the leather mini skirt for a fabric mini.

Look 6: Denim Shorts

For a spring outfit, pair a white button up shirt with denim shorts and a statement necklace. If you like the denim on denim trend, add a denim jacket as your third piece.

Look 7: Denim Jacket and Midi Skirt

Keeping with the denim jacket and white button down, replace the denim shorts with a midi skirt for a cute, feminine spring look.

Look 8: Denim Jacket and Skater Skirt

If midi skirts aren’t your thing, swap it out with a circle/skater skirt. This is my favorite look.

Look 9: Dress and Regular Sized Cardigan

For the last look, pair the white button up shirt with a dress and regular sized cardigan. If you have a statement necklace you want to add to dress up your outfit, go for it.

Those are a few ways to dress up a white button up shirt. While working on this, I came up with other options to pair this shirt with. The white button up shirt may look boring, but its versatility gives you the opportunity to dress it up or down however you want.

Published by Ashliegh-Cheyenne Ross