Don't you hate it when you go to buy off the rack and they don't have your size, it's so frustrating!

I don't like to get the size ordered in and then it's wrong anyway, you feel obligated to buy it.

I do have a lot of sewing experience, so this is where a sewing machine comes in handy for me.  Only drawback is that I seem to be doing mending and taking up seams for heaps of people cost free......So if you buy a sewing machine and can use it, don't let on.

Ok, so here's what I did, I got the dress 2 sizes up and it looked like a sack on me.

So I sewed in the sides, (have a look, it's so simple).  This of course is a picture of the one side.

Have a look at the result!!  Fantastic if I do say so myself!!

I actually look like I have dropped 2 dress sizes.  Well technically my dress did lol!!


Published by Susan Crowe