Taking an "Instagram worthy" picture is just difficult sometimes especially if you are very strict with your feed and want it to look the very best so it could always stand out. Either you are having a hard time in taking pictures or you just can't get the hang of it, these 10 tips on how to take the perfect Instagram picture might help you do that and solve your problem.

  • Choose a main subject

Look for a main subject, it can be an object, a person, a flower, etc. Before following the other tips you need to do this one first because it will be going to attract the most attention in your picture. Try to be as creative as possible for your shot.

  • Look for good lighting

Now that you know your main subject, you need to find the perfect lighting because it can make a huge difference in your pictures. Understand that good lighting can make a photo 10x better and can help you achieve the picture that you want because even though you look good in a picture, if the lighting isn't great it can ruin the whole shot. I recommend natural light for the best outcome

  • Pay attention to the background

People often make mistakes by not paying attention to their background when it comes to taking pictures. Choosing a background is important because you need to choose one that will not have a negative impact on your photo and that it will emphasize your main subject. Examine the entire scene first before taking a shot and always remember that a great subject requires a great background.

  • Pose naturally

Make sure that you don't stand like a stick in your pictures and in other words, don't be awkward. Try to pose as naturally as possible and have a natural smile if you are not going for a serious look so there will be no awkwardness. Try to loosen up and learn to smile for the camera and if you are standing up try to cross your ankles or twist your body. Always remember to position your arms too so it won't be awkward or a distraction in your picture

  • It's all about the angle

Understand that the perfect angle has the same importance as good lighting because it plays a big part in constructing a great composition. For example, if you want to make your subject in the photo to seem more grand, choose a lower perspective because it makes it appear more larger and more important. If your main subject is food, try to go for a kinda bird's-eye view shot. If you are the main subject, always show your best side and try to angle your face. Tilt your chin a little bit upward or downward which ever works for you and look for something to focus on so your eyes won't be random in the picture.

  • Focus. Focus. Focus.

Focus. Focus. Focus. A blurry shot will never be Instagram worthy except if you are actually going for blurry theme. The camera can be important too because it sometimes affects the image quality, if the camera is an old version it may not work that well unlike before and it's also the same thing when it comes to phones.

  • Keep the scene simple

Always keeping the scene simple is important. Try to fill up the frame but at the same time you need to make sure that you are drawing the attention of your Instagram followers to your main subject and a busy scenery is not going to help you do that. Remember to offer your followers one clear focal point.

  • Take a lot of pictures

If you take tons of pictures and just upload one like me you understand that people need to take a lot of pictures and I mean A LOT. People that have great Instagram feeds don't just choose a subject, a good background and take the shot. No, they always take a lot pictures with different angles, lighting and poses, but with the same subject and background to see which one looks best and then upload it.

  • Crop and Edit

Not every shot is perfect right? You can have a picture with that perfect angle, but with poor lighting or a picture with that perfect lighting, but with a horrible angle. Try to edit the exposure, saturation, contrast, perspective, clarity, temperature, and many more. If you want to crop and edit your pictures I recommend to download the apps Afterlight and VSCO.

  • Make sure it matches your feed

This last tip is just an add on tip or a reminder for those who wants their Instagram feed to always be on point. Don't forget to filter your pictures so that it can match the feed that you want. A helpful tip before posting a picture is that to make sure it matches your feed put them all into your VSCO's library or create another Instagram account that you only know and post all of the pictures in your feed into your new private account so you could see if it matches before posting it into your original Instagram account.

Published by Kathryn Reyes