In the past 365 days I have fallen in love. Helplessly, head over heels, in love. It is the kind of love that leaves you always wanting more. A constant craving, a subtle distraction. This love radiates from my heart, it pulses through my veins, it keeps me alive.  I am desperately in love with life, and all it has to offer.

In the past 365 days my life has changed, and I am never looking back. I have experienced parts of the world unseen by many. I have traveled on side roads and wandered on dirt paths and cobblestone streets.

I simply yearn to learn more about the world and my own existence through traveling. I have an incredible thirst for adventure, and it might never be satiated. I want to be free as a drop off water, flowing about without a plan. I want to live with passion, and not with obligation.

I might be a dreamer, but combined with determination and ambition, I have been able to follow my heart. I have no need for material objects or a high salary. I aim to live simply and enjoy all that life has to offer. You get one chance to live, and I am not going to waste my precious time on earth. I want to embrace each day, be fully present and experience as much as possible. I don’t want to merely exist. I aim to live wholeheartedly, to explore and always search for more.

This constant aching to travel is hard to describe with words. It is the opposite of nostalgia, a longing for new experiences and a desire to find something more. I am completely happy with my current life, but there is more to be seen. With every sunset I thank the heavens for my time here on earth. And every sunrise I appreciate as a new opportunity, a fresh beginning.

In the past 365 days I have been inspired. I have learned and I have lived. I have done more than just sightsee. I have opened my heart and eyes and learned more about myself than ever imagined.

If you are lusting for travel, I recommend you pack your bags and go. Spend money you don’t have, as traveling is the only purchase that will make you richer. Go somewhere new, get lost, and find yourself in the process.



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Published by Lyndsey Tanabe