Spark plugs are car parts that do not get the recognition that they deserve for the significant role that they play in the optimal functioning of a vehicle. They produce energy by creating electric sparks and firing up the engine as soon as your first turn of the key.

Unfortunately, spark plugs have a limited lifespan and they often stop working before their lifecycle ends. At this point, you have to check with an expert spare parts dealer and order replacement plugs for your car. The most common signs that will tell you when your spark plugs are misfiring include:

  • A faulty engine
  • Problems when starting the car
  • High fuel consumption
  • Vibrations and sounds
  • Acceleration issues

Read on to discover detailed descriptions for these causes so that you will know when you need to change the spark plugs on your car!

A faulty engine

A malfunctioning car spark may result in an engine misfiring. This event could occur while you are trying to accelerate or when the vehicle is in an idle mode. It usually results in a sudden stop of the engine and difficulties to restart it may appear.

Misfiring plug sparks can cause severe damage to your engine. When these car parts fail, the mix of fuel-air in the cylinders does not reach full combustion. Repetitive use of a damaged spark plug may destroy the catalytic converter, and could force you to invest significantly more in spare parts for replacement.

Problems when starting the car

Very often, a car will display starting problems when a spark plug may be misfiring. This issue occurs when an overused plug cannot create enough spark power to produce ignition in the cylinders. At this point, most drivers insist on their attempts at starting the car without knowing that their action creates residue that can clog the cylinders in the long run.

Your best choice is to replace misfiring spark plugs before they become worn out. Investing preventively in car spare parts should save you money later down the road. Keep in mind that insisting on using damaged spark plugs results in fuel overconsumption.

High fuel consumption

If you do not experience too much trouble starting your car, but the fuel tank empties quicker than usual, you should consider checking the spark plugs. These car parts may increase fuel consumption when they are malfunctioning.

Take your car to professional car repair shops if you lack the mechanical expertise to check on the condition of its spark plugs. It could be that they are clogged with emission residue that prevents them from igniting quickly.

Vibrations and sounds

Misfiring spark plugs may produce a buzzing noise or vibrations especially when you are trying to accelerate. The sounds will increase in roughness as the spark plug deteriorates even further. Your best choice is to check if these car parts require cleaning or replacement and take the necessary action before they damage the engine.

Acceleration issues

A misfiring spark plug can result in a lack of acceleration. Most drivers experience trouble in reaching a higher speed quickly even when pressing the pedal to the floor. In this case, they may not be dealing with a faulty engine, but just with a worn out spark plug.

If you want to keep your car in top shape and always able to reach its peak performance, you need to consider changing the spark plugs. Contact a professional spare parts seller and acquire the replacement spark plugs you need. Online retailers like Boodmo may offer discount deals and small prices for genuine spark plugs, so make sure you check their offers first before going to a physical store.

Published by Lara Buck