Road trips are an exciting way of holidaying. offers cars for lease to tourist wishing to tour Malta, and also those wishing to tour beyond the borders. There are many sites around Europe which offer beautiful landscapes, which make the road trip magical. It is for the best interest of the traveler to prepare for the trip well, and below are some tips on how to make that Europe road trip memorable.

Research about highways and toll booths

Since the traveler will be using highways, they should take time to map out the main highways and expressways, and note down the various toll booths if any. Being aware of the toll booths and the much they charge prevents one from getting into trouble with the authorities.

Most or all European highways have vignettes, which are stickers that are placed on the windshield and act as a pass onto the highways. These should all be pre-planned, to avoid the last-minute rush. offers advice to their clients on the various highway needs, and where to get the passes, by just contacting them.

Budget allocations

A budget should also be at the core and should be well analyzed. Budgeting helps the traveler plan on an estimate of the money they plan to spend on certain constants such as gas. Lack of a well-planned budget can leave one stuck without gas money, or they can spend all the money on the car and have none for accommodation, or even in the worst-case scenario, run out of money for emergency medical need.

Choose your car well

There are many things to consider before choosing a car to use for the road trip. Cars will differ with the budget available, where people with a huge budget can be advised to go for an SUV which is more comfortable and has high performance. It is most advisable to choose an automatic car, since it makes driving around easy, to avoid fatigue, especially when there is only one designated driver.

Different highways have different rules, so with the automatic car, there is a lesser possibility of missing a road sign, which would get one into trouble with the law. Certain car hire companies such as offer different cars for different needs and budget allocations.

Plan your route

It is advisable to get a map of the countries you are planning to visit. These can be bought from car hire companies such as They are important since one is able to map out the routes they intend to take throughout the trip. When planning out the route, consider the following.

Pick the best road

The best road for a road trip means one with good tarmac, less turns and not so busy. This makes moving around easy.

Make drawings on the map

These drawings will help you know when you are losing the path since roads can be confusing.

Know the toll roads

Knowing the roads with toll booths can help one save a lot of money by avoiding them where necessary.

Book for places to sleep

“Most road trip takers prefer to sleep in the car to get the full “living on the road” experience. This, however, does not always apply, especially when one is taking the family for the road trip,” explains Anthony, owner for a car rental startup - Sleeping places are best pre-booked, since most of the European hotels have the online room reservation and booking option, and payment can either be made by credit card or cash when the traveler arrives.

When deciding on the places to sleep, one should consider places with street lights and availability of parking and should avoid deserted paths or back alleys. It is also advisable to get sleeping places closer to Churches or places of worship, which tend to be more peaceful and with ready help.

Have your passport, visa and driving license

People don’t tend to walk around with their passports, and only look for them when they are planning a flight. This makes it easy to leave the passport behind, which would make it impossible to cross the borders. These items should be the first to be packed.


European road trips are an experience on their own, since you are able to interact with the people easily, and you also get to learn more about yourself and those you are traveling with.

Published by Elena Tahora