Anxiety is a broad term used to cover a wide spectrum of feelings and experiences, from everyday fears and worries about life’s many challenges to the debilitating apprehension of triggering situations. Anxiety disorders can lead to obsessive-compulsive behavior, panic attacks, and even trigger symptoms of PTSD.

Early research studies have shown many positive signs that CBD may relieve anxiety. Since typical anxiety medication can be risky and cause adverse side effects, many people are choosing to use CBD to alleviate their anxiety and stress. The question is, how do you use CBD to treat anxiety?

Finding the right CBD dosage for anxiety

Anxiety is a broad disorder that can range from everyday anxiousness and apprehension at major events to debilitating conditions. This is the reason that no single dose of CBD can address all anxieties. The CBD dosage required will depend on what type of anxiety disorder you suffer from and how serious it is. Here's a general guideline to follow:

  • Try a low dose of CBD for anxiety that is caused by everyday social interactions.

  • Use a medium to high CBD dose for anxiety disorders like panic attacks and OCD.

  • Take more frequent, higher dose of CBD for anxiety related to PTSD.

How to use CBD for anxiety

In recent years, there has been a huge expansion in the assortment of CBD products available on the market. There are various ways to use CBD, from oils to sprays to creams to candies. There is no one way that works better than another - that depends on the person using it and the condition to be treated.

It’s important to opt for the administration method that works for you and will help your condition. Here are three of the most popular ways that people use CBD to treat anxiety:

  • Vaping: You can inhale vaporized CBD oil through a vaping pen. Vaping is among one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD. This is especially important in acute anxiety situations.

  • CBD tinctures: CBD oils and sprays are a popular way for consumers to get their CBD intake. You can simply drop the liquid under your tongue, and since mucus membranes are filled with little capillaries, the CBD is absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream.

  • Edibles: CBD candies are one of the most popular ways to take CBD. CBD gummies are available in a variety of flavors and are one of the most convenient ways to get your CBD dose.

There’s no denying that CBD can help people to get their anxiety under control. However, it won’t necessarily work for everyone. Anxiety disorders are far too complex for there to be a “one-size-fits-all” type drug to treat it. Having said that, CBD is a natural and safer alternative to the potent pharmaceutical drugs that are often used to treat anxiety and is, therefore, worth a try. There are far too many success stories to ignore the fact that the best CBD oil on the market helps change lives.


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