Torrents are the powerhouse of large size data. Movie buffs use torrent websites to download their favorite movies. A few years back torrent websites used to host the new movies on their servers. People used to download latest movies which were still running in the theatres. From last two years, the US government authorities are working consistently to stop torrent websites from sharing the unauthorized movies. The government had successfully seized the domains of popular torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent, etc. Now it is pretty difficult to download the latest movies from torrents. It's disappointing for movie buffs as they are no longer able to download their favorite movies from the internet. So, let's see what are the ways to watch movies online without using torrents.


There are many websites on the internet from which you can stream the full-length movies. There are a number of file sharing websites from which you can download the movies. You can download movies from file sharing websites like But these are not the legal copies of the movie. The other interesting way to download the movies without using torrents is a simple google search. Go to and type "index of Black Panther 2018". This search query will fetch the results which have got file names containing words "Black Pather" in index directory of a website. Open the top results and you'll find the .mkv files. Download the .mkv files to watch the movie on your computer. This is one of the easiest ways to download the latest movies without torrenting. However, we are not sure if it is legal to download the movies in this way. It is illegal to upload or download movies without permissions from the respective copyright owners. It is always safe to stream movies online rather than downloading as streaming movies online are not illegal in the USA even if the user is streaming a pirated copy. There are many best free movies sites like which allow the users to stream the movies for free.


If you want to enjoy in a perfect manner, it is recommended to subscribe to the premium movie streaming websites like Netflix. There are tons of movies on Netflix. You can enjoy the best audio and video quality as you are streaming the original copy of the movie. You can also watch the trending TV shows like Game of Thrones on Netflix. You must pay a monthly subscription fee to stream the movies on legal websites like Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can also rent movies on Youtube for a small fee. However, you cannot download the movie from Netflix, YouTube or Amazon! It is also difficult to find newly released movies on these websites as like in torrents. But if you want to enjoy the best movie experience right in your home, you must subscribe to these websites. Netflix and Amazon also provide trial for the new customers. The trial period will be like one month or one week. After the trial period either you must make the payment to subscribe or you must cancel the subscription. There are some websites which have the movies which are in public domain. These are usually the old movies or documentaries. You can download these movies as it is legal to download a public domain data on the internet. These are some of the ways to download or stream your favorite movies online without using torrents. Remember that downloading an illegal copy of a movie comes under piracy and it is a punishable offense.

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