Betting on sports is full of risk, but that’s what makes it exciting. Most punters will frivolously make bets on the day of a sporting event to join in with the fun and up the ante of the game. However, if you really want to make some real cash through sports betting, there are things you can do and tactics you should adopt.


Want to win some at sports betting? Follow these 10 easy steps.

Study the sports

First thing’s first, it’s crucial that before you begin betting on any sports you know what you’re looking at. This goes much further how many wins a team or player has had - it’s about the conditions played in, the experience of the player(s) and any behind-the-scenes interference that may sway the overall results.

Don’t automatically back the favourite

It’s key to remember that the favourite doesn’t always win, and the sooner you detach fear from backing the underdog, the better you will be at successful sports betting.


There are many factors that could mean the favourite is toppled by their opponent - for example, a tennis match could be played on a clay court instead of a grass court where “the favourite” is comfortable and takes wins. Finding these small variables make all the difference.

Use multiple bookmakers

Many customers of bookmakers and betting exchanges will remain loyal to them, but this will only hinder your success. Instead, shop around for other bookmakers who have better prices for the markets you’re interested in, and don’t be afraid to spread your money across multiple exchanges.

Make fewer selections


A mistake that punters make again and again is to include many selections in your bet. Instead, it’s common sense that the fewer selections made, the more likely you will be to win. Three of four selections is enough, but if you’re putting on a 20-fold accumulator you have unrealistic dreams. If you want to make real money betting on sports, it’s a slow and steady race - think small not big.

Avoid odds-on bets

If you want to make some quick cash on bet you may be tempted to pad out your accumulator with odds-on selections, but this is actually decreasing your chance of winning. For example, you may have the chance to treble your money, but the with any single loss you can lose all of it. It’s not entirely worth it, and not the right tactic if you’re seriously wanting to grow your bankroll.


Pursue less obvious markets

It is easier to find value in less obvious markets. This means that rather than placing a bet on one team or player to win over another, you should do your research to find value where you have more chance of winning.

Understand the markets inside out

To win big through sports betting, you need to do your research. First, pick your sport or sporting event - e.g. a race at the Melbourne Cup 2019 - and then make it your mission to understand each of the horses, the conditions they run on, and the effect of the draw. Having a bank of knowledge will you in the best position to make a smart bet when it comes to race day.

Be unemotional

Betting emotionally is what most punters do. This support is a part of going to see your favourite football team play on a Saturday, but in terms of winning big cash, it’s not effective.

You can still bet on your team, but in an indirect way that will increase your chance of winning some cash. For example, instead of betting on a whole team to win the game, bet on a league top scorer to score a goal.

Strike when the iron is hot

Many booking exchanges will put on special offers around big sporting events, meaning you could increase your overall win. It’s smart to look out for these offers and strike when the iron is hot.

Bet on less popular sports

In the same way that buying into stocks is smart financially - buying them small so that they appreciate in value - investing in less popular sports and finding value there is a smart way to slowly but surely grow your bankroll. It may not be as exciting due to the less amount of press coverage, but it is an investment worth making.


Good luck!


Published by Mohsin Ahsan