Imagine you have two options while getting something for yourself; to get it for free or to pay for it. No one I know would choose to pay for things if they can get it for free, obviously. Free stuff is amazing and people usually go to all sorts of lengths to get some. But don’t worry because we have arranged all the information that you need right here!

In this article, we have mentioned all the ways that you can win some of your favorites things for free. Continue reading to benefit from some amazing offers out there!

Coupon Collections

If you’re a fan of reading magazines or the newspaper, you must have come across all sorts of coupons. Most of us usually ignore them thinking they are useless. But what if we tell you that you can actually use them to get more than just a colorful page in the paper. There are free meals, discounts and so much more hidden in those tiny things.

You just have to do some research and once you get to know the right way to collect and use the coupons, you will never let it go!


More than often, you will see company reps handing out samples at different stores and malls. Well here is one tip for you, stock up on them if you’re a freebie. You don’t even have to go out of the way for them. Everywhere you visit, you will see a stall with something that you need. Be it moisturizers, shampoos, soda cans. Anything you want, you can get it as a free sample if you know the right place to look for it.

Feedback Surveys

Almost every company has an online portal nowadays where they request their customers for feedback. A company usually attracts its customers by offering a reward in return of feedback. These rewards include free meals, discounts on various items, free fuel points, etc. Gather information about who is offering what and you can get all the free stuff in the world.

You can take the Kroger Feedback Survey for an all in one deal. They have discounts, fuel points and pretty much everything you want. If you are an Ice-cream lover, You may like the dairy queen’s DQfansurvey.

Sample Box Subscriptions

This is a relatively new trend and not many people know about it yet. Usually what happens is that a company acts as a mediator between potential customers and different brands. People who subscribe for a certain category of sample box get a monthly box with free samples from high-end brands. And they don’t cost anything!

Brands use this trick to attract new customers by handing out samples and you can easily benefit from them! Companies like Pinch Me and Influenster offer some great subscription packages for these sample boxes.

Freebie Sites

There are tonnes of websites out there that are offering free things of all sorts to people for doing random things like searching, watching videos, etc. Sites like FreeFlys or Freaky Freddies have so many things in store for you which includes beauty and health products, snacks and many others!

Now that you know these amazing ways of getting free things, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the next opportunity of benefiting from these out of the world deals.


Published by Zoe Sewell