Having difficulty in writing an economic essay? For some students, it is a very daunting task to write the economics essay and convince the examiner that you understand the topic.
There are various considerations.

For instance, what are the requirements? How many points should I include? Do you need to add examples, diagrams and evaluation? How much time should I spend? In order to improve your essay writing skills, take a look at the tips for an A grade essay. Continue Reading!

Understanding the Question
The first thing that you must do is read the question carefully and understand its requirements. You
should pay attention to the key words. These words are useful for indicating what you should focus on. This should also help to trigger economics concepts in your head. A tutor who is well known for training students in this is Mr Kelvin Hong, providing JC economics tuition in Bishan Singapore. ‘

Also, instead of rushing into writing an essay, it is advised to spend five minutes planning the points to include. You should even keep in mind the concepts you will use the analysis and evaluation of your points. This will help you write an essay that is coherent and clear.

The first paragraph of the essay must include the definitions of the economic terms. You should mention the overview of your approach in a concise manner. It is advisable not to create a in this paragraph. However, you can briefly discuss the context if it is applicable.

Next part of the question is the body. This part of the question must consist of the thrust of the answer.
It is advised to use a separate paragraph for new points. 1 paragraph per key point. The main idea of the point must be mentioned in the first topic sentence while the rest of the paragraph explains and elaborates on the idea. You must use examples and draw diagrams when elaborating on it.

You must keep in mind, the reader doesn’t know anything and you need to explain everything to them. It is extremely important to include examples from the real world.

Very often, questions require Thesis and AntiThesis analysis. Form your topic sentences to make sure they are clear. Here is where good and thorough recall of your Economics concepts are very important and you can benefit from the A Levels Economics Tuition Resources by The Economics Tutor.

This part of the answer is tricky. Most of the students forget to conclude their questions correctly. This is one of the reasons for scoring low marks in an essay. For the (a) part of your question, you can mention the summary or recommendations. On the other hand, for full-length parts, the conclusion must have
an evaluation, which means a well-reasoned out judgment and additional insights to the issue. Before
concluding, always return to check the question to ensure you are answering TO the question.

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