Banner blindness has already had a detrimental effect on the revenues generated by websites, but with the spread of ad blockers, both on desktop and mobile devices, the efficiency of banner advertising has begun to drop even faster. Today, banner ads are seen by fewer of your website's visitors than ever before, making it an increasingly inefficient means of making a living off your website or blog. But there are alternatives that can help it earn its keep. Today, let's take a brief look at one of the most viable ones - affiliate marketing - and a way to write an article that sells.

The topic

When choosing a topic for your article, be aware of the overall profile of your website and the product you are trying to sell. After all, you can't write about dancing shoes or nightgowns and try to convince your readers to check out the new player welcome bonus of $/€500 free at 7Sultans casino online

Title and headline

Make sure to keep the SEO best practices in mind when choosing the title for your article. After all, you'll want to make it clear not only for your readers but for search engines, too, that you are writing about a certain product or service. Don't be too generic but don't be too vague either - find the balance while also keeping it catchy for your visitors, and motivate them to continue reading beyond the title.


Make it intriguing and interesting. Your goal is to captivate the readers' attention and to convince them to read your article further. You should briefly describe the main points of your article, and present a general layout of the problem the product you offer will solve. Make sure to make it intriguing, maybe even funny if the topic allows it, and appeal to your readers' sympathy.

The body

Salesmen are different from affiliates in their approach: the former tries to convince a person to buy a product while the latter will direct the reader toward a solution - or multiple options for a solution - to solve a problem. It's like helping the community and the products and services offered by sellers meet.

When writing an affiliate article, make sure to be on point. Offer authentic, practical ideas rather than marketing mumbo jumbo to your readers - they will not let themselves be convinced that your solution is the best if you keep repeating it, after all. You need to offer them value - true value, true solutions, not just a sales pitch.

The summary

At the end, make sure to summarize the statements in your article in a brief, to the point paragraph or two. Here, you can summarize the ideas that you described in detail above, and make sure to mention any terms that seem important - guarantees, returns, shipping, and so on.

And when you are finished writing, take a break - at least a few minutes - then read what you have written with a fresh eye, and edit it if necessary. Weed out any unnatural-sounding paragraphs and make sure your article is something you too would like to read before you publish it.

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