Writing an essay might be easy for some student whereas it is the most difficult and wrenching task for some students. No matter for what reason you are writing an essay, the task of writing itself becomes dreadful to think about. However, writing an essay is the big project, and a number of the steps are needed to be followed by the student to split down the sections and manage properly writing the essay. After writing the essay, checking it whether it is genuine or a copied one is also important. The online essay checker for the USA students enables the students to find out any grammatical errors or use of the wrong pronunciation or any copied content in their essay.

Here are four steps mentioned below that will help you in writing a successful and a unique essay:

1. Make the outlines of your ideas

After you get a topic for your essay from the respective supervisors, your mind is loaded with thoughts and answers. To write a good essay, the first thing you need to do is relax and organize everything that is in your mind. Make a list of all the things that are going on in your head on a rough paper, and you can see the links and connections between all those ideas in a more specific manner. This diagram will serve to be the foundation of your essay.

2. Make your thesis statement

Now that you have a topic and you have organized all your ideas into certain categories from which you have to write, your next step is to create the thesis statement. A thesis statement explains the reader all the points that you have mentioned in your essay. Your thesis will consist of two parts where the topic is the primary part and second part will explain the points you have mentioned in the essay.

3. Writing the body part

The body of an essay explains describes or argues your entire topic. Each one of the major ideas that you mentioned in the Rough diagram will be a definite section of your essay writing. Every paragraph will consist of a similar fundamental structure. Start your body by writing the major ideas one by one as an introductory sentence and main paragraph, etc. Fill the essay with relative information that will keep the reader engaged and curious to complete the reading.

4. Writing the introduction

When you complete writing your thesis, and overall body of your essay, begin with writing the introduction. It should be written in such a way that it attracts the concentration of the readers and show the focus pathway of your essay. Begin your essay writing with an attractive and attention seeking sentence. You can use interesting facts, dialogues, quotations, a small story, or begin with a simple summary of your topic. No matter what angle you choose, make sure that it connects to the thesis statement.

5. Writing the conclusion

The conclusion will bring closure to your essay and some up all the ideas altogether and provide the final perspective on your topic. The conclusion should mainly consist of four to five strong sentences. You can simply review the entire main tip and give a reinforcement of your thesis. After writing a conclusion, add the finishing touches to your essay by giving it a Proofreading. You need to pay notice to all the small facts at the end before you submit the essay. Only then your essay will be complete. To be precise, your essay must be engrossing and should have a proper introduction and a conclusion. 

Published by Asheer Raza