The college essays you write are in a position to reveal important information about you, which cannot be identified with your grades or scores. In fact, the essays have the potential to give information about your personality to the reader. Therefore, writing a winning college essay would assist you to showcase your writing skills while convincing the admission officers about what kind of a person you are. The below-mentioned tips would assist you to learn how to write a winning college essay.

1. Brainstorm the ideas – You can get started by brainstorming relevant ideas. However, this can be considered as the hardest part of writing an essay. You need to brainstorm about your strengths and personality traits. Then you can start writing the essay. It will take a considerable amount of time for you to brainstorm and come up with the ideas for your research. Due to this reason, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get started with the brainstorming process. As soon as you are provided with the essay topic, you need to go ahead and start brainstorming. It will provide you with ample time to come up with appropriate content. You will not get stressed in such a situation as well. Therefore, you will be able to establish a solid platform to get started with your essay.

2. Let your draft flow – You start writing the essay with a draft. Once you have gathered all the notes, you need to organize the draft properly. For example, you need to decide how to break down the essay accordingly. You shouldn’t worry too much about making the essay perfect when compiling the draft. You just need to keep the ideas flowing. You can think about fixing the issues in later drafts. The final essay should come out from the draft. Hence, you need to pay special attention towards the content that you include in the draft. You must be careful not to include any fluff in the draft as it can create a negative impact on your final outcome. You should also be careful to get started with the draft early as much as possible.

3. Follow the three steps – When you are developing an essay, you should do it in three different steps. They are:

  • Introduction – A single paragraph that gives an introduction to the essay. This should create the entry point for your essay. People start reading your essay from the introduction. Therefore, you should give a quick overview of what your essay is about. In other words, the person who starts reading the essay should be able to get a basic understanding on what he is about to read in the upcoming paragraphs.
  • Body – Few paragraphs that explain the main idea along with examples. These paragraphs should be descriptive as much as possible. However, it is better if you can keep an understanding about the total word count of the essay in your mind when writing the paragraphs. That’s because you need to make sure that you don’t exceed the word count recommended in your assignment by trying to explain the facts as much as possible. You need to end the body by keeping a provision for the conclusion. Otherwise, you will again come across the risk of exceeding the word count.
  • Conclusion – Another single paragraph that summarizes what you have written. You should summarize all the points that you have explained in the body in your conclusion. In addition, you need to convince a solid idea to the reader with your conclusion. This will assist you to make the conclusion a compelling part of your essay. Hence, you will be able to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the reader as well.

4.  Be specific – You can give focus to your essay by identifying the questions that are related to your personal qualities. You need to make sure that every single word you write in the essay supports the focus viewpoint. You should never get distracted at the time of writing the essay. If you do, there is a possibility for you to write content that doesn’t align with your topic. Hence, you need to keep your focus at one centralized place and make sure that you stick to the principles whenever possible.

5. Be honest – You should be honest when writing the essay. Then you will be able to write down your ideas in the most effective manner. That’s mainly because you can write the essay with a clear mind when you are honest. You shouldn’t think about writing what you think the person who corrects your essay would expect at the end of the day. But you should also make sure that you stick to the main idea of the essay when you are writing. If you need any assistance with the essay, you can contact a reputed assignment writing service. The assignment writing service can make sure that you write the essay as per guidelines. Hence, your chances of making mistakes will be minimized. On the other hand, you can make sure you score high in the essay because of the content quality of it.

6. Get feedback – You might not be able to write a perfect essay from the very first attempt. Therefore, you need to show your essay to friends, family members and teachers to get their feedback. You need to ask whether your essay makes sense and it sounds like you. Then you need to make the changes accordingly. When making the changes, you need to take necessary measures to keep your voice as well.

7. Proofread – Now you have written the college essay and it is the time to proofread it and make necessary corrections. You need to go through the essay carefully to discover spelling and grammar errors along with typos. It would be better to show the essay to someone who hasn’t seen it before and point out the mistakes.




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